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extract /ɪkˈstrækt/ verb [transitive]
extract /ˈekstrækt/ noun

بیرون کشیدن استخراج ، جوهر ، گلنگدن زدن ، اخراج کردن پوکه ، چکیده ، عصاره گرفتن ، بیرون کشیدن ، استخراج کردن ، اقتباس کردن ، شیره ، عصاره ، زبده ، خلاصه ، علوم مهندسی: خلاصه زبده ، کامپیوتر: استخراج کردن ، شیمی: عصاره گیری ، علوم نظامی: خلاصه وضعیت
الکترونیک: استخراج کردن ، کامپیوتر: استخراج کردن ، عصاره گیری ، شیمی: استخراج کردن ، بیرون کشیدن استخراج ، شیره ، عصاره ، جوهر ، خلاصه زبده ، علوم مهندسی: استخراج کردن ، گلنگدن زدن ، اخراج کردن پوکه ، چکیده ، خلاصه وضعیت ، علوم نظامی: عصاره گرفتن ، بیرون کشیدن ، استخراج کردن ، اقتباس کردن ، شیره ، عصاره ، زبده ، خلاصه

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- pull out, draw, pluck out, pull, remove, take out, uproot, withdraw
- derive, draw, elicit, glean, obtain
- passage, citation, clipping, cutting, excerpt, quotation, selection
- essence, concentrate, distillation, juice
Related Words: pry, avulse, abridge, condense, shorten

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I. extract1 AC /ɪkˈstrækt/ verb [transitive]
[Word Family: noun: extraction, extract; verb: extract]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Latin; Origin: past participle of extrahere, from trahere 'to pull']

1. formal to remove an object from somewhere, especially with difficulty Synonym : pull out:
You’ll have to have that tooth extracted.
extract something from something
He extracted an envelope from his inside pocket.

2. to carefully remove a substance from something which contains it, using a machine, chemical process etc
extract something from something
Oils are extracted from the plants.

3. to get something which you want from someone, such as information, money, help etc, especially when they do not want to give it to you
extract something from somebody
She had extracted a promise from him.
They used torture to extract information about their families.

4. to take information or a short piece of writing from a book:
We need to extract the relevant financial data.

5. to get an advantage or good thing from a situation
extract something from something
They aim to extract the maximum political benefit from the Games.

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II. extract2 AC /ˈekstrækt/ noun
[Word Family: noun: extraction, extract; verb: extract]

1. [countable] a short piece of writing, music etc taken from a particular book, piece of music etc Synonym : excerpt
extract from
I’ve only seen short extracts from the film.

2. [uncountable and countable] a substance obtained from something by using a special process
vanilla/malt/plant etc extract
Add one teaspoon of vanilla extract.

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I. passage from a book/piece of music
ADJ. brief, short | long | literary
VERB + EXTRACT read | publish
EXTRACT + VERB be from, be taken from The extract is taken from a long essay.
PREP. ~ from He read out a brief extract from his book.

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II. substance taken from another substance
ADJ. natural conditioners made from natural plant extracts
herbal, malt, meat, plant, vanilla, yeast Add a few drops of vanilla extract.
PREP. ~ of extract of apricot

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