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extremity /ɪkˈstreməti, ɪkˈstremɪti/ noun (plural extremities)

نهایت ، حدنهایی ، سر ، ته ، انتها ، مضیقه ، شدت ، قانون ـ فقه: افراط و تفریط
- limit, border, boundary, edge, extreme, frontier, pinnacle, tip
- crisis, adversity, dire straits, disaster, emergency, exigency, trouble
- extremities: hands and feet, fingers and toes, limbs
Related Words: acme, apex, apogee, vertex, zenith

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extremity /ɪkˈstreməti, ɪkˈstremɪti/ noun (plural extremities)
[Word Family: noun: extreme, extremism, extremist, extremity; adjective: extreme, extremist; adverb: extremely]

1. [countable usually plural] one of the parts of your body that is furthest away from the centre, for example your fingers and toes

2. [uncountable] the degree to which something goes beyond what is usually thought to be acceptable:
The committee was uncomfortable about the extremity of the proposal.

3. [countable] the part that is furthest away from the centre of something
eastern/southern etc extremity of something
the southern extremity of New Zealand

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