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fact /fækt/ noun

بوده ، واقعیت ، حقیقت ، وجود مسلم ، روانشناسی: واقعیت
کامپیوتر: واقعیت

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- event, act, deed, fait accompli, happening, incident, occurrence, performance
- truth, certainty, reality
Antonyms: illusion
Contrasted words: fancy, fantasy, fiction, contingency, eventuality, hope, possibility, potentiality, probability
Related Words: authenticity, genuineness, truth, circumstance, detail, episode, particular, happening, incident, occurrence, observable

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fact S1 W1 /fækt/ noun
[Word Family: noun: fact; adverb: factually; adjective: factual]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Latin; Origin: factum 'thing done', from facere 'to do, make']

1. TRUE INFORMATION [countable] a piece of information that is known to be true
fact about
The book is full of facts about the World Cup.
fact of
First of all, we need to know the facts of the case.
it’s a fact/that’s a fact (=used to emphasize that something is definitely true or that something definitely happened)
The divorce rate is twice as high as in the 1950s – that’s a fact.
is that a fact? (=used to reply to a statement that you find surprising, interesting, or difficult to believe)
‘She used to be a professional singer.’ ‘Is that a fact?’

2. the fact (that) used when talking about a situation and saying that it is true:
Our decision to build the museum in Hartlepool was influenced by the fact that there were no national museums in the North East.
He refused to help me, despite the fact that I asked him several times.
given the fact (that)/in view of the fact (that) (=used when saying that a particular fact influences your judgement about something or someone)
Given the fact that this is their first game, I think they did pretty well.
due to the fact (that)/owing to the fact (that) (=because)
The school’s poor exam record is largely due to the fact that it is chronically underfunded.
The fact we didn’t win when we were so close is very disappointing.

3. in (actual) fact
a) used when you are adding something, especially something surprising, to emphasize what you have just said:
I know the mayor really well. In fact, I had dinner with her last week.
b) used to emphasize that the truth about a situation is the opposite of what has been mentioned:
They told me it would be cheap but in fact it cost me nearly $500.
Her teachers said she was a slow learner, whereas in actual fact she was partially deaf.

4. the fact (of the matter) is spoken used when you are telling someone what is actually true in a particular situation, especially when this may be difficult to accept, or different from what people believe:
The fact of the matter is that he’s just not up to the job.

5. the fact remains used to emphasize that what you are saying about a situation is true and people must realize this:
The fact remains that the number of homeless people is rising daily.

6. REAL EVENTS/NOT A STORY [uncountable] situations, events etc that really happened and have not been invented Antonym : fiction:
Much of the novel is based on fact.
It’s a news reporter’s job to separate fact from fiction.

7. facts and figures [plural] the basic details, numbers etc concerning a particular situation or subject:
Here are a few facts and figures about the country.

8. the facts speak for themselves used to say that the things that have happened or the things someone has done show clearly that something is true

9. after the fact after something has happened or been done, especially after a mistake has been made
as a matter of fact at matter1(4), ⇒ face facts at face2(2), ⇒ in point of fact at point1(17)

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ADJ. important, interesting, relevant, salient looking at all the relevant facts
basic | concrete, hard, incontrovertible, inescapable, observable, obvious, plain, straightforward, true, undeniable The police have to support their case with hard facts. These are all incontrovertible facts.
bare, brute, disturbing, harsh, sad, stark, unpalatable, unpleasant the bare facts of war a rather harsh fact of life
little-known, well-known It is a well-known fact that girls do better than boys at school.
mere The mere fact of your being there will arouse their suspicions.
VERB + FACT be aware of, have, know We haven't got all the facts yet. She already knew the facts she needed.
ascertain, establish, find out the best way of establishing the facts
check, examine, look at I think you need to check your facts. For God's sake, look at the facts!
prove These facts have not yet been proved.
collect, gather | select Historians must first select the facts that they present.
give, impart, present, state The job of the teacher is not simply to impart facts. I'm not making excuses?I'm just stating a fact.
interpret different ways of interpreting the facts
account for, explain How do you account for the fact that unemployment is still rising?
accept, acknowledge, face, recognize She wouldn't accept the fact that she had lost. I'm afraid you'll have to face facts. She'll never marry you.
grasp He doesn't seem able to grasp this basic fact. | learn | assimilate Students need time to assimilate the facts.
deny, dispute No one can deny this fact.
ignore, overlook This approach ignores the fact that people, not computers, commit crimes.
be oblivious to | conceal, disguise, hide If he was bored, he managed to hide the fact very well.
obscure The recent improvements should not obscure the fact that general standards are still far too low.
draw attention to The report draws attention to the fact that the country is now a net exporter of the product.
emphasize, underline | confine yourself to, keep to, stick to Just stick to the facts.
be based on a novel based on historical fact
reflect Prices reflect the fact that the company is aiming at the luxury market.
stem from He knew their bitterness stemmed from the fact that he was in charge.
be explained by | be complicated by, be compounded by, be exacerbated by The problem was compounded by the fact that I had no idea what I was looking for?only ‘some sort of clue’.
lament, regret, resent We sat miserably in the pub, lamenting the fact that our dry clothes were a 60-mile bus journey away. She resented the fact that I was older and had more freedom than her.
FACT + VERB remain The fact remains that we are still two teachers short.
PREP. after the ~ On some vital decisions employees were only informed after the fact (= when it was too late to change them).
apart from the ~ She was happy, apart from the fact that she could not return home.
despite/in spite of/notwithstanding the ~ She's taking her children on holiday, despite the fact that school starts tomorrow.
due to the ~ Due to the fact that they did not read English, the prisoners were unaware of what they were signing.
given the ~ The findings are not surprising, given the facts: …
in ~ I used to live in France; in fact, not far from where you're going.
~ about We learned several interesting facts about elephants.
PHRASES (as) a matter of fact It's not wild speculation! It's plain matter of fact.
‘I suppose you'll be leaving soon, then?’ ‘No, as a matter of fact I'll be staying for another two years.’
facts and figures presenting all the facts and figures to the meeting
the fact of the matter A new car would be wonderful but the fact of the matter is that we can't afford one.
the facts of the case The facts of the case are quite straightforward.
a fact of life (= a situation that cannot be changed) It is an unpalatable fact of life that the most deserving people do no
the facts of life (= the details about sex and how babies are born, especially as told to children), fact or fiction? The Loch Ness Monster: fact or fiction?
the facts speak for themselves (= further explanation about sth is unnecessary because the facts prove it is true), get your facts right/wrong If you're going to make accusations, you'd better get your facts right.
have the facts at your fingertips When making your presentation, it is important to have all the facts at your fingertips (= to have the information you need and be able to find it and use it quickly).
in actual fact/in point of fact I thought the work would be difficult. In actual fact, it's very easy.
in view of the fact that … Voluntary work was particularly important in view of the fact that women were often forced to give up paid work on marriage.
know for a fact Do you know for a fact that he is in London?
a question/statement of fact It's a simple statement of fact.
a recognition of the fact that … a growing recognition of the fact that learning may take different forms

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the basic/key facts
The report outlines the basic facts concerning the case.
a well-known fact
It is a well-known fact that new cars lose a lot of their value in the first year.
a little-known fact
It is a little-known fact that the actor was born in London.
an interesting fact
The research revealed some interesting facts about the behaviour of cats.
a curious/remarkable fact
It is a remarkable fact that elephants do not use their trunks to suck up water until they are over four months old.
hard facts (=information that is definitely true and can be proven)
His theory is supported by hard facts.
a historical/scientific fact
This was presented as a historical fact when it was just an opinion.
the bare facts (=only the basic general facts of a situation)
We know the bare facts of his life, but nothing about what he was really like.
give somebody/provide the facts
Newspapers have a duty to give their readers the facts.
establish/piece together the facts (=find out what actually happened in a situation)
The police are still piecing together the facts.
examine the facts
I decided to examine the facts for myself.
state the facts (=say what you know is true)
Press reports often fail to state the facts completely.
stick to the facts (=say only what you know is true)
Just stick to the facts when the police interview you.
know for a fact (=used to say that something is definitely true)
I know for a fact that she is older than me.
get your facts right/straight (=make sure that what you say or believe is correct)
You should get your facts straight before making accusations.
get your facts wrong
It’s no use putting together a beautifully-written argument if you get your facts wrong.

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BAD: In my own country, Saudi Arabia, in fact the government faces many problems.
GOOD: In my own country, Saudi Arabia, the government faces many problems.

BAD: 'Is the operation really necessary?' - 'Well, in fact, if he doesn't have it, he could die.'
GOOD: 'Is the operation really necessary?' - 'Well, the fact is (that) if he doesn't have it, he could die.'

BAD: These advertisements are misleading. As a matter of fact, you have to pay for everything in the end.
GOOD: These advertisements are misleading. The fact is (that) you have to pay for everything in the end.
BAD: Even if you feel nervous, don't show it. As a matter of fact, the horse will soon sense it if you are afraid.
GOOD: Even if you feel nervous, don't show it. The fact is (that) the horse will soon sense it if you are afraid.

BAD: On the other hand, I agree to the fact that laws are necessary.
GOOD: On the other hand, I accept the fact that laws are necessary.
BAD: I agree with the fact that politics and ecology will never go hand in hand.
GOOD: I accept the fact that politics and ecology will never go hand in hand.

Usage Note:
accept/appreciate the fact that ... (NOT agree to/with the fact
that ... ): 'I appreciate the fact that funds are limited.'

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See: in fact , matter-of-fact

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