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failure /ˈfeɪljə $ -ər/ noun

عیب ، نقص ، عجز و درماندگی ، غفلت ، نارسایی ، واماندگی ، درمانگی ، کوتاهی ، قصور ، ناتوانی ، شکست ، ورشکستگی ، خرابی ، عدم موفقیت ، علوم مهندسی: شکست ، عمران: گسیختگی ، قانون ـ فقه: عیب و نقص ، روانشناسی: شکست خورده ، بازرگانی: قصور ، ورزش: شکست ، علوم هوایی: عیب ، علوم نظامی: عمل نکردن گیر سلاح

: failure (am)

گسیختگی ، معماری: شکست
مهندسی صنایع: شکست ، خرابی ، عیب ، عدم موفقیت مهندسی صنایع: نت: خرابی-عدم موفقیت

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- defeat, breakdown, collapse, downfall, fiasco, lack of success, miscarriage, overthrow
- loser, black sheep, dead duck (slang), disappointment, dud (informal), flop (informal), nonstarter, washout (informal)
- bankruptcy, crash, downfall, insolvency, liquidation, ruin
Antonyms: success
Contrasted words: accomplishment, achievement, discharge, effectuation, fulfillment, abundance, adequacy, sufficiency, improvement, invigoration, revitalization, strengthening
Related Idioms: no go
Related Words: laxity, negligence, remissness, slackness, indifference, unconcern, failing, fault, imperfection, shortcoming, inferiority, meagerness, poorness, skimpiness, dearth, paucity, debilitation, enfeeblement, exhaustion, flagging, weakness, botch, fiasco, fizzle, hash, muddle, washout, has-been, might-have-been
English Thesaurus: fail, go wrong, not work, be unsuccessful, be a failure, ...

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failure S3 W2 /ˈfeɪljə $ -ər/ noun
[Word Family: noun: fail, failure, failing; adjective: failed, unfailing; verb: fail; adverb: unfaillingly]

1. LACK OF SUCCESS [uncountable and countable] a lack of success in achieving or doing something Antonym : success:
Successful people often aren’t very good at dealing with failure.
failure to do something
the conference’s failure to reach an agreement

2. UNSUCCESSFUL PERSON/THING [countable] someone or something that is not successful Antonym : success:
I always felt a bit of a failure at school.

3. failure to do something an act of not doing something which should be done or which people expect you to do:
Failure to produce proof of identity could result in prosecution.

4. BUSINESS [uncountable and countable] a situation in which a business has to close because of a lack of money:
Business failures in Scotland rose 10% last year.

5. MACHINE/BODY PART [uncountable and countable] an occasion when a machine or part of your body stops working properly:
The cause of the crash was engine failure.
heart/kidney/liver etc failure
He died from kidney failure.
failure in
a failure in the computer system

6. CROPS [uncountable and countable] an occasion when crops do not grow or produce food, for example because of bad weather:
a series of crop failures

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I. lack of success
ADJ. complete, total | abject, humiliating, ignominious The attempt ended in abject failure.
inevitable | costly | alleged, apparent, perceived | evident | comparative, relative | initial Initial failure was followed by unexpected, if modest, success.
ultimate War is the ultimate failure of public communication.
personal | moral | academic | economic, financial | military
VERB + FAILURE be doomed to, end in, result in All her efforts were doomed to failure.
admit, confess He was too proud to admit failure.
expect Children who are doing badly tend to expect failure and criticism.
fear | avoid
FAILURE + NOUN rate There is a high failure rate with this treatment.
PHRASES fear of failure Fear of failure should not deter you from trying.
a history of failure John had a long history of academic failure.
a possibility/risk of failure, a sense of failure

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II. unsuccessful person/thing
ADJ. great, serious | complete, total, utter | catastrophic, disastrous | abject, conspicuous, dismal, humiliating, ignominious, lamentable, miserable | costly | heroic Her ideas were large: if she could not succeed, she would at least be a heroic failure.
alleged, apparent, perceived | evident | comparative, relative | past to learn from past failures
rare The film was one of the rare failures in his career.
unexpected | personal | collective | moral | academic | economic, financial economic failure and increasing unemployment
VERB + FAILURE be, represent | prove The venture proved a costly failure.
feel I felt a complete failure.
consider sb/sth, regard sb/sth as | brand sb/sth, pronounce sb/sth Her parents had long since branded her a failure.
FAILURE + VERB arise from sth failures arising from circumstances beyond your control
PREP. ~ of The decision to withdraw funding represents a failure of imagination.

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III. not doing sth
ADJ. fundamental | general | manifest | consistent, constant, continued/continuing, persistent, repeated | government, management government failure to listen to the voice of the electorate
VERB + FAILURE excuse, justify seeking to excuse his failure to ask her permission

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IV. of a machine/system/part of the body, etc.
ADJ. battery, brake, component, computer, engine, equipment, mechanical, power, system, technical | bank, business, commercial, company, corporate, market Business failures rose by 30% in 2001.
brain, heart, kidney, liver | crop, harvest | communication
VERB + FAILURE cause, lead to, result in a rare viral infection that can lead to heart failure
FAILURE + VERB occur A power failure occurred between 4 and 5 p.m.
PREP. ~ in a failure in the computer system

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end in/result in failure
A series of rescue attempts ended in failure.
be doomed to failure (=be certain to fail)
The rebellion was doomed to failure from the start.
admit failure
He was too proud to admit failure.
accept failure
Being able to accept failure is part of life.
avoid failure
She was anxious to avoid failure.
complete/total/utter failure
The project ended in total failure.
abject/dismal failure (=used to emphasize how bad a failure is)
The experiment was considered a dismal failure.
a personal failure (=a failure that is someone's personal fault)
He considered his inability to form long-term relationships to be a personal failure.
economic failure
Economic failure drove the government out of office.
fear of failure
Fear of failure should not deter you from trying.
the risk/possibility of failure
The risk of failure for a new product is very high.
The possibility of failure was sufficiently high for the auditors to warn investors.
an admission of failure
Dropping out of college would be an admission of failure.
a history of failure (=a situation in which someone has failed many times in the past)
Some children have a history of failure at school.
a string of failures (=a series of failures)
The team has had a string of failures in recent games.
a sense of failure
People may feel a sense of failure if they admit they have ended up in a job they hate.
the consequences of failure
The political consequences of failure would be defeat at the next election.
a failure rate
There is a high failure rate in the restaurant industry.

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