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fashionable /ˈfæʃənəbəl/ adjective

شیک ، مدروز ، خوش سلیقه
Synonyms: popular, à la mode, chic, in (informal), in vogue, modern, stylish, trendy (Brit. informal), up-to-date, with it (informal)
Antonyms: unfashionable
Related Idioms: all the rage
Related Words: current, popular, prevalent, up-to-the-minute
English Thesaurus: after, in, within, within a month/two weeks etc, 24 hours/a year etc from now, ...

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fashionable /ˈfæʃənəbəl/ adjective
[Word Family: verb: fashion; noun: fashion; adverb: fashionablyUNFASHIONABLY; adjective: fashionableunfashionable]

1. popular, especially for a short period of time Antonym : unfashionable:
Strong colours are very fashionable at the moment.
it is fashionable (for somebody) to do something
It suddenly became fashionable for politicians to talk about green issues.

2. popular with, or used by, rich people Antonym : unfashionable
a fashionable resort/area/address etc
He runs a fashionable restaurant near the Harbor.
—fashionably adverb:
fashionably dressed women

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VERBS be, look | become | remain | make sth | consider sth
ADV. extremely, highly, very Furnishings of this sort are now highly fashionable.
increasingly | quite, rather | currently | newly | suddenly a young and suddenly fashionable actor
no longer
PREP. among These cars are no longer fashionable among the young.

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