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flash /flæʃ/ verb

درخش ، درخشیدن ، نور مختصر ، پیام انی یا برق اسا ، نور ، روشنایی مختصر ، یک ان ، لحظه ، بروز ناگهانی ، جلوه ، تشعشع ، برق زدن ، ناگهان شعله ور شدن ، زود گذشتن ، فلاش عکاسی ، تلالو ، تاباندن ، علوم مهندسی: درخش ، شیمی: تابش انی ، زیست شناسی: درخش ، علوم نظامی: برق دهانه توپ یا تفنگ

: flash 2

چون برق فرستادن ، تلگراف کردن ، باریدن ، پاشیدن ، تابانیدن ، انداختن ، نمایش دادن

: flash 1

علوم دریایی: انی

: flash 3

مخابره کردن (با چراغ) ، علوم دریایی: چراغ زدن
کامپیوتر: فلاش ، نور

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- blaze, burst, dazzle, flare, flicker, gleam, shimmer, spark, streak
- moment, instant, jiffy (informal), second, split second, trice, twinkling of an eye
- ostentatious, tacky (informal), tasteless, vulgar
- blaze, flare, flicker, glare, gleam, shimmer, sparkle, twinkle
- speed, dart, dash, fly, race, shoot, streak, whistle, zoom
- show, display, exhibit, expose, flaunt, flourish
Related Idioms: half a second (or shake), twinkling of an eye
Related Words: dart, shoot, blare, blaze, burn, flame, flare, glare, glow, incandesce, blink, flicker, spark, dazzle, beam, radiate, shine, ray
English Thesaurus: shine, flash, glare, flicker, twinkle, ...

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Flash trademark
a type of cleaning substance for floors and other hard surfaces, sold in the UK as a liquid or powder

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I. flash1 S3 /flæʃ/ verb
[Date: 1200-1300; Origin: Originally (of liquid) 'to strike a surface'; from the sound]

1. SHINE [intransitive and transitive] to shine suddenly and brightly for a short time, or to make something shine in this way:
Lightning flashed overhead.
flash something into/at/towards somebody/something
Why is that guy flashing his headlights at me?
Red warning lights flashed on and off (=shone for a short time and then stopped shining).

2. PICTURES [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to be shown quickly on television, on a computer, or on a film
flash across/onto/past etc
Images of the war flashed across the screen.

3. flash through sb’s mind/head/brain if thoughts, images, memories etc flash through your mind, you suddenly think of them or remember them:
The possibility that Frank was lying flashed through my mind.

4. flash a smile/glance/look etc (at somebody) to smile or look at someone quickly and for a short time:
‘I love this city,’ he said, flashing a big smile.

5. SHOW SOMETHING QUICKLY [transitive] to show something to someone for only a short time:
He flashed his identification card.

6. NEWS/INFORMATION [transitive always + adverb/preposition] to send news or information somewhere quickly by radio, computer, or satellite
flash something across/to something
Reporters at the scene flashed the news to their offices.

7. MOVE QUICKLY [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to move very quickly
flash by/past/through
A meteor flashed through the sky.

8. EYES [intransitive] literary if your eyes flash, they look very bright for a moment, especially because of a sudden emotion
flash with
Janet’s blue eyes flashed with anger.

9. SEX ORGANS [intransitive and transitive] if a man flashes, or if he flashes someone, he shows his sexual organs in public ⇒ flasher

10. sb’s life flashes before their eyes if someone’s life flashes before their eyes, they suddenly remember many events from their life because they are in great danger and might die

11. TIME PASSING QUICKLY [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] if a period of time or an event flashes by or flashes past, it seems to end very quickly
flash by/past
Our vacation seemed to just flash by.
flash something ↔ around phrasal verb
to use or show something in a way that will make people notice you and think you have a lot of money:
He’s always flashing his money around.
flash back phrasal verb
to suddenly think about or show something that happened in the past, especially in a film, book etc
flash back to
From here the movie flashes back to Billy’s first meeting with Schultz.
flash forward phrasal verb
if a film, book etc flashes forward, it shows what happens in the future
flash forward to
The movie then flashes forward to their daughter’s fifth birthday.

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II. flash2 noun

1. LIGHT [countable] a bright light that shines for a short time and then stops shining:
Two flashes mean danger.
flash of
A flash of lightning lit up the night sky.
brilliant/blinding flash
a brilliant flash of light

2. CAMERA [uncountable and countable] a special bright light used when taking photographs indoors or when there is not much light:
Did the flash go off?

3. in/like a flash (also quick as a flash) very quickly:
Just wait here. I’ll be back in a flash.

4. flash of inspiration/brilliance/insight/anger etc if someone has a flash of brilliance, anger etc, they suddenly have a clever idea or a particular feeling

5. a flash in the pan a sudden success that ends quickly and is unlikely to happen again:
Beene’s new novel proves he isn’t just a flash in the pan.

6. BRIGHT COLOUR/SOMETHING SHINY [countable] if there is a flash of something brightly coloured or shiny, it appears suddenly for a short time
flash of
The bird vanished in a flash of blue.

7. COMPUTER [uncountable] trademark a system of instructions for a computer that is used especially to make pictures on a website appear to move:
Flash animation

8. LOOK [countable] British English a quick look – used humorously Synonym : glimpse

9. MILITARY [countable] British English a small piece of coloured cloth worn on the shoulder of a military uniform

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III. flash3 adjective

1. flash flood/fire a flood or fire that happens very quickly or suddenly, and continues for only a short time

2. British English informal looking very new, bright, and expensive – used to show disapproval:
a big flash car

3. British English informal liking to have expensive clothes and possessions so that other people notice you – used to show disapproval:
Chris didn’t want to seem flash in front of his mates.

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I. sudden bright light; sudden idea/emotion/action
ADJ. great | blinding, bright, brilliant | sudden | brief, momentary, quick | occasional | rare a rare flash of humour
light, lightning | news (also newsflash)
VERB + FLASH feel, have He felt a brief flash of jealousy. She had a sudden flash of inspiration.
catch, detect, notice, see We caught a flash of white in the bushes.
FLASH + VERB illuminate sth, light sth (up) A bright flash of lightning lit up the sky.
PREP. ~ from The flashes from the guns illuminated the sky.
~ of a sudden flash of light

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II. bright light for a camera
ADJ. built-in | camera
VERB + FLASH use I don't think the picture will come out in this light. Try using the flash.
FLASH + VERB go off, work The flash didn't go off.
FLASH + NOUN photography | bulb | unit a camera with a built-in flash unit
PREP. with (a) ~ I took it with flash.

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I. shine
ADV. briefly It was only the sun, flashing briefly on her bleached hair.
PREP. at A car flashed its headlights at me.

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II. show emotion
ADV. suddenly | angrily Her eyes flashed angrily.
PREP. with Her eyes suddenly flashed with anger.

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See: in a flash

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