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flow /fləʊ $ floʊ/ noun
flow verb [intransitive]

جاری شدن ، لبریز شدن ، سلیس بودن طغیان کردن ، سیلان یافتن ، ناشی شدن فلو ، سیلان ، سرعت حرکت و جریان اب ، جریان ، روانی ، مد (برابر جزر) ، سلاست ، جاری بودن ، روان شدن ، سلیس بودن ، بده ، شریدن ، گردش ، روند ، علوم مهندسی: سلاست ، کامپیوتر: جاری کردن ، الکترونیک: جریان ، عمران: جریان ، معماری: جریان ، بازرگانی: گردش ، علوم نظامی: عبور و جریان خودروها یا سایر وسایل

: flow (to)

جاری شدن ، معماری: روان شدن
الکترونیک: گردش ، روند ، جریان ، جاری کردن ، کامپیوتر: جاری شدن ، لبریز شدن ، سلیس بودن طغیان کردن ، سیلان یافتن ، ناشی شدن فلو ، سیلان ، جریان ، روانی ، سلاست ، علوم مهندسی: بده ، جریان ، معماری: سرعت حرکت و جریان اب ، عبور و جریان خودروها یا سایر وسایل ، علوم نظامی: جریان ، عمران: جریان ، الکترونیک: جریان ، گردش ، اقتصاد: جریان ، روانی ، مد( برابر جزر)، سلاست ، جاری بودن ، روان شدن ، سلیس بودن ، بده ، شریدن ، گردش ، روندگردش ، روند ، جریان ، جاری کردن ، کامپیوتر: جاری شدن ، لبریز شدن ، سلیس بودن طغیان کردن ، سیلان یافتن ، ناشی شدن فلو ، سیلان ، جریان ، روانی ، سلاست ، علوم مهندسی: بده ، جریان ، معماری: سرعت حرکت و جریان اب ، عبور و جریان خودروها یا سایر وسایل ، علوم نظامی: جریان ، عمران: جریان ، الکترونیک: جریان ، گردش ، اقتصاد: جریان ، روانی ، مد( برابر جزر)، سلاست ، جاری بودن ، روان شدن ، سلیس بودن ، بده ، شریدن ، گردش ، روند

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- run, circulate, course, move, roll
- pour, cascade, flood, gush, rush, stream, surge, sweep
- result, arise, emanate, emerge, issue, proceed, spring
- tide, course, current, drift, flood, flux, outpouring, spate, stream
Related Words: cascade, jet, spout, spurt, well, course, ripple, run, progression, sequence, series, succession, continuance, continuation, continuity
English Thesaurus: flow, run, come out, pour, gush, ...

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I. flow1 S3 W2 /fləʊ $ floʊ/ noun

1. LIQUID/GAS/ELECTRICITY [countable usually singular] a smooth steady movement of liquid, gas, or electricity
flow of
He struggled to swim against the flow of the water.
I tied a towel round his leg to try to stem the flow of blood.

2. TRAFFIC [countable usually singular, uncountable] the steady movement of traffic:
a new road system to improve traffic flow through the city centre

3. GOODS/PEOPLE/INFORMATION [countable usually singular] the movement of goods, people, or information from one place to another
flow of
the flow of funds from the US to Europe
There has been a steady flow of people leaving the area.
They have accused the government of trying to block the free flow of information.
an attempt to stem the flow of refugees across the border

4. SPEECH/WRITING [uncountable] the continuous stream of words or ideas when someone is speaking, writing, or thinking about something:
I didn’t want to interrupt her flow, so I said nothing.

5. OF THE SEA [singular] the regular movement of the sea towards the land:
the ebb and flow of the tide

6. in full flow informal if someone is in full flow, they are busy talking about something and seem likely to continue for a long time

7. go with the flow to agree that you will do the thing that most people want to do:
I don’t mind, I’ll just go with the flow.

8. go against the flow to do something very different from what other people are doing
cash flow, ⇒ ebb and flow at ebb1(3)

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II. flow2 W3 verb [intransitive]
[Language: Old English; Origin: flowan]

1. LIQUID/GAS/ELECTRICITY when a liquid, gas, or electricity flows, it moves in a steady continuous stream
flow over/down/through etc
These gates regulate the amount of water flowing into the canal.
If the windows are shut, air cannot flow freely through the building.

2. GOODS/PEOPLE/INFORMATION [always + adverb/preposition] if goods, people, or information flow from one place to another, they move there in large numbers or amounts Synonym : pour, flood:
Money has been flowing into the country from Western aid agencies.
The number of refugees flowing into the area is still increasing.

3. TRAFFIC if traffic flows, it moves easily from one place to another:
The new one-way system should help the traffic to flow better.

4. ALCOHOL if alcohol flows at a party, people drink a lot and there is a lot available:
Beer and whisky flowed freely as the evening wore on.

5. WORDS/IDEAS if conversation or ideas flow, people talk or have ideas steadily and continuously, without anything stopping or interrupting them:
Everyone was relaxed and the conversation flowed freely.

6. SEA when the sea flows, it moves towards the land:
We watched the tide ebb and flow.

7. FEELINGS if a feeling flows through you or over you, you feel it strongly
flow through/over
She felt hot rage flowing through her.

8. CLOTHES/HAIR if clothing or hair flows, it falls or hangs loosely and gracefully:
Her long hair flowed down her back.

9. flow from something to happen as a result of something:
the political consequences that flowed from this decision

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ADJ. heavy, large, massive | good | adequate | poor Our shower doesn't work very well because of the poor water flow.
main | increased, increasing | ceaseless, constant, continuous, endless | free, uninterrupted the uninterrupted flow of traffic
even, smooth, steady to maintain an even flow of work through the department
easy, natural I liked the concerto for its natural flow.
outward the outward flow of investment from the country
annual, daily, seasonal | data, information | air, blood, gas, lava, menstrual, river, water | capital, cash, financial, investment, production, trade
VERB + FLOW have Big pension funds have a constant flow of cash. | get, obtain Squeeze the tube of sealant slowly to obtain an even flow.
allow We like to allow a free flow of ideas in our company. | produce, provide The system provides a continuous flow of information to the market.
keep, maintain He kept up a flow of chatter.
ensure You must use a wide pipe to ensure an adequate flow of water.
control, regulate | assist, encourage, facilitate, stimulate to encourage the flow of revenue into the country
enhance, improve, increase The company is trying to enhance its cash flow.
disrupt, impede, reduce, restrict, slow (down) The continual bombing disrupted the flow of supplies to the ground troops.
block, break (up), cut (off), halt, interrupt, staunch, stem, stop They tried to staunch the flow of blood.
divert The main flow of water has been diverted to a new course.
join | measure
FLOW + NOUN rate The flow rate was measured at 9.5 litres per second. | chart, diagram
PREP. against the ~ They have to swim against the flow of the river. | ~ around/round air flows around the wings of an aircraft
~ from First cut off the water flow from the boiler.
~ into She joined the flow of immigrants to the country.
~ through the flow of data through the system
PHRASES changes in the flow Changes in the flow of patients have reduced the number of beds available.
the ebb and flow the ebb and flow of the tide
(figurative) He was at the mercy of the ebb and flow of public opinion.
| in full flow She tried to interrupt his speech, but he was already in full flow (= talking continuously and not thinking of stopping).
the rate of flow the rate of flow of water

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ADV. easily, freely, smoothly We talked, and the conversation flowed freely. Wine and beer flowed freely.
fast, swiftly The river flows quite fast here.
slowly | naturally In a good production of the play, the action and the words flow naturally.
directly Some of these changes will flow directly from the legislation.
constantly, continuously | away, back, in, out, past
VERB + FLOW seem to | begin to, start to | continue to Imported food aid continued to flow in.
PREP. across, along, between, down a small stream that flowed down the hillside
from Blood was still flowing from the wound.
into One day seemed to flow into the next.
out of, over, through Information flows continuously through the network.
to to get blood flowing to the brain

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