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following /ˈfɒləʊɪŋ $ ˈfɑːloʊ-/ adjective
following noun [countable]
following preposition

تالی ، دنباله ، تعقیب ، پیروی ، زیرین ، شرح ذیل ، قانون ـ فقه: تشیع ، لاحق
- next, consequent, ensuing, later, subsequent, succeeding, successive
- supporters, clientele, coterie, entourage, fans, retinue, suite, train
English Thesaurus: after, in, within, within a month/two weeks etc, 24 hours/a year etc from now, ...

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I. following1 S3 W1 /ˈfɒləʊɪŋ $ ˈfɑːloʊ-/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: follower, following; verb: follow; adjective: following]

1. the following afternoon/month/page/chapter etc the next afternoon, month etc Antonym : preceding:
He was sick in the evening, but the following day he was better.

2. the following example/way etc the example, way etc that will be mentioned next:
Payment may be made in any of the following ways: cheque, cash, or credit card.

3. a following wind a wind that is blowing in the same direction as a ship, and helps it to move faster

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II. following2 noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: follower, following; verb: follow; adjective: following]

1. [usually singular] a group of people who support or admire someone:
The band has a big following in Europe.

2. the following the people or things that you are going to mention:
The following have been selected to play in tomorrow’s game: Louise Carus, Fiona Douglas ...

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III. following3 preposition
after an event or as a result of it Antonym : before:
Following the president’s speech, there will be a few minutes for questions.
Thousands of refugees left the country following the outbreak of civil war.

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ADJ. big, considerable, great, large, mass, strong | limited, small | local | dedicated, devoted, faithful, fanatical, loyal | enthusiastic | personal | cult They enjoy a cult following in the UK.
VERB + FOLLOWING command, enjoy, have | acquire, attract, build up, create, gain, gather
PREP. ~ among Top of the range Scotches attract a fanatical following among whisky buffs.

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