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football /ˈfʊtbɔːl $ -bɒːl/ noun

بازی فوتبال ، توپ فوتبال ، فوتبال بازی کردن
football S1 W2 /ˈfʊtbɔːl $ -bɒːl/ noun

1. [uncountable] British English a game played by two teams of eleven players who try to kick a round ball into the other team’s goal Synonym : soccer American English:
Which football team do you support?
kids playing football in the street
My Dad took me to watch my first football match.
a football club
football fan/supporter
a group of Scottish football fans
football boots/kit/shirt (=clothes worn to play football)
football pitch/ground/stadium

2. [uncountable] American English a game played by two teams of eleven players who try to carry or kick an oval ball into the other team’s goal Synonym : American football British English:
college football games
a football field
He played football in high school.

3. football hooligan British English someone who behaves in a noisy or violent way at a football match

[countable] a ball used in these games
flag football, ⇒ political football at political(4)

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ADJ. adventurous, attractive, classy, creative, entertaining, exciting, fine, fluent, good, great, neat | one-touch The Dutch team impressed the fans with their classy one-touch football.
amateur, professional | junior | first-team | club, league | international, world | domestic | five-a-side | indoor | live | American, Aussie rules/Australian rules, Gaelic
QUANT. game
VERB + FOOTBALL play | watch | follow Young Italians follow football like we follow the royal family.
FOOTBALL + NOUN club, league | squad, team | hero, player, star | field, ground, pitch, stadium | terraces The government is trying to tackle violence on the football terraces.
boots, kit, shirt, shorts, strip | agent, management, manager | authorities The police say the players' behaviour is a matter for the football authorities.
enthusiast, fan, follower, supporter | crowd | programme | championship, game, match, tournament | training | career | hooliganism, riot, violence | hooligan | chant Obscene football chants stop people taking their children to matches.
commentator, writer | action, coverage Join Radio 5 for all the top football action.
world The football world was rocked by the scandal.
culture The World Cup is fascinating for its clash of football cultures.
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a football team
Which football team do you support?
a football club
Tottenham Hotspur is a North London football club.
a football player
Like many little boys, his ambition was to be a football player.
a football manager
Football managers shouldn't complain about referees' decisions.
football fan (=someone who likes football a lot )
Pat is a keen football fan.
football supporter (=someone who supports a particular football team)
55 football supporters were arrested after the game.
a football match/game
Do you often go to football matches?
a football pitch (=an area of grass where football is played)
An area of wasteland had been turned into a football pitch.
a football ground/stadium (=a place where football is played)
Hundreds of fans were making their way towards the football ground.
a football league (=a group of football teams who play against each other)
The Premier League is one of the most popular football leagues in the world.
football boots
He got some new football boots for his birthday.
a football shirt
They were all wearing England football shirts.
football kit (=clothes for playing football in)
He washes the whole team's football kit.
a football strip (=clothes worn by a particular football team)
The team wear a different football strip for their Champions League matches.
a football referee (=the person who makes sure that the rules of football are followed)
He is a qualified football referee for the Dorset County Football Association.
a football crowd
We got caught up in a noisy football crowd.
football violence (=between fans at football games)
The government is considering measures to combat football violence.
play football
The boys are playing football in the garden.
watch football
He likes to spend Saturday afternoon watching football.
follow football (=be interested in football)
Bob follows football and goes to as many matches as he can.
professional football
It was his dream to play professional football one day.
international football (=played by teams representing their country)
He will retire from international football after the World Cup.
domestic football (=played between teams from the same country)
Saturday's defeat was the team's first in domestic football for seven matches.
cup football (=in a competition to win a cup)
It was an exciting match in the best traditions of cup football.
league football (=in a football league)
He was still playing league football at the age of 41.
five-a-side football (=with five players on each team)
His son played in a five-a-side football tournament.

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