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forceful /ˈfɔːsfəl $ ˈfɔːrs-/ adjective

قوی ، موثر ، موکد
Synonyms: powerful, cogent, compelling, convincing, dynamic, effective, persuasive
Antonyms: feeble
Contrasted words: decrepit, frail, infirm
Related Words: compelling, constraining, manful, virile, cogent, telling

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forceful /ˈfɔːsfəl $ ˈfɔːrs-/ adjective
[Word Family: adjective: forceful, forcible, forced; noun: force, forcefulness; adverb: forcefully, forcibly; verb: force]

1. a forceful person expresses their opinions very strongly and clearly and people are easily persuaded by them Synonym : strong
a forceful personality/character/opponent etc
He gained a reputation as a forceful member of the party.

2. forceful arguments, reasons etc are strongly and clearly expressed Synonym : powerful:
a forceful attack on government policy

3. having a powerful effect that is likely to change a situation:
The President hasn’t been forceful enough in changing the judicial system.
Governments should adopt a more forceful approach to improve the environment.

4. using physical force
—forcefully adverb
—forcefulness noun [uncountable]

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