foremost ●●●○○
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foremost /ˈfɔːməʊst $ ˈfɔːrmoʊst/ adjective

بهترین ، پیش ترین ، جلوترین ، دردرجه نخست
Synonyms: leading, chief, highest, paramount, pre-eminent, primary, prime, principal, supreme

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foremost /ˈfɔːməʊst $ ˈfɔːrmoʊst/ adjective

1. the best or most important Synonym : leading, top:
one of the country’s foremost authorities on chemical warfare
Rostropovich was long considered the world’s foremost cellist.

2. in a leading position among a group of people or things
foremost among/amongst
Sharpton was foremost among the protesters.
Economic concerns are foremost on many voters’ minds.
first and foremost at first2(10)

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See: first and foremost

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