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forgiveness /fəˈɡɪvnəs, fəˈɡɪvnɪs $ fər-/ noun [uncountable]

بخشش ، عفو ، گذشت ، قانون ـ فقه: عفو ، بخشودگی
Synonyms: pardon, absolution, acquittal, amnesty, exoneration, mercy, remission

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forgiveness /fəˈɡɪvnəs, fəˈɡɪvnɪs $ fər-/ noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: verb: forgive; noun: forgiveness; adverb: unforgivably; adjective: forgivingunforgiving]
when someone forgives another person ⇒ absolution
ask/beg/pray etc for (sb’s) forgiveness
He never admitted his guilt or asked for forgiveness.

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ADJ. complete
VERB + FORGIVENESS find, have, receive Do I have your forgiveness?
ask (for), beg (for), pray for, seek | find victims of violence who can nevertheless find forgiveness in their hearts
offer (sb), show (sb)
PREP. ~ for He begged her forgiveness for his mistake.

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