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formula /ˈfɔːmjələ, ˈfɔːmjʊlə $ ˈfɔːr-/ noun (plural formulas or formulae /-liː/)

Irregular Forms: (pl) formulae

فرمول ، دستور ، قاعده رمزی ، ورد ، کامپیوتر: فرمول ، قانون ـ فقه: صیغه ، شیمی: فرمول ، روانشناسی: فرمول ، بازرگانی: فرمول ، ورزش: مقررات مربوط به ساختمان اتومبیل مقررات مربوط به ساختمان قایق مسابقه
مهندسی صنایع: تولید: فرمول خاصی که بر اساس تغییرات مواد ورودی همیشه یک نوع خروجی بدست آورد الکترونیک: فرمول ، کامپیوتر: فرمول ، شیمی: صیغه ، حقوق: مقررات مربوط به ساختمان اتومبیل مقررات مربوط به ساختمان قایق مسابقه ، ورزشی: فرمول ، روانشناسی: قاعده ، فرمول ، اقتصاد: فرمول ، قاعده ، دستور، قاعده رمزی ، ورد کامپیوتر: فرمول ، دستورالعمل

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Synonyms: method, blueprint, precept, principle, procedure, recipe, rule
English Thesaurus: system, process, procedure, formula, deal with something, ...

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formula S3 W3 AC /ˈfɔːmjələ, ˈfɔːmjʊlə $ ˈfɔːr-/ noun (plural formulas or formulae /-liː/)
[Date: 1600-1700; Language: Latin; Origin: 'small form', from forma; form1]

1. [singular] a method or set of principles that you use to solve a problem or to make sure that something is successful:
We’re still searching for a peace formula.
formula for
a formula for the withdrawal of US forces from the area
There is no magic formula (=a method that is certain to be successful) that will transform sorrow into happiness.
With viewing figures up a million, the programme has a winning formula.

2. [countable] a series of numbers or letters that represent a mathematical or scientific rule:
the formula for calculating distance
Sugar is represented by the simple formula CHO.

3. [countable] a list of the substances used to make a medicine, fuel, drink etc, showing the amounts of each substance that should be used:
Our products are handmade from traditional formulas.

4. Formula One/Two/Three etc a type of car racing, in which the different types are based on the size of the cars’ engines:
a Formula One car

5. [uncountable] a type of liquid food for babies that is similar to a woman’s breast milk

6. [countable] a fixed and familiar series of words that seems meaningless or insincere:
a speech full of the usual formulas and clichés

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I. group of signs/letters/numbers
ADJ. complex, complicated | simple | algebraic, chemical, mathematical, scientific
VERB + FORMULA devise, work out A simple mathematical formula has been devised to allow you to calculate the interest due.
apply, use
PREP. ~ for Do you know the formula for finding the area of a circle?

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II. method of solving a problem
ADJ. good, magic, successful, winning | time-honoured, traditional | face-saving The government was forced to find a face-saving formula to cover its misjudgement.
peace No one has yet come up with a successful peace formula.
VERB + FORMULA have No one has a magic formula for keeping youngsters away from crime.
come up with, devise, find, hit on, provide, work out We think we might have hit on a winning formula.
PREP. ~ for What is their formula for success?

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