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form /fɔːm $ fɔːrm/ noun
form verb
Form 1040 /fɔːm ˌten ˈfɔːti $ ˌfɔːrm-, -ˈfɔːrti/ noun [countable]
Form 1099 /fɔːm ˌten ˌnaɪnti ˈnaɪn $ ˌfɔːrm-/ noun [countable]

قسم ، نوع ، طرز و رفتار ، امادگی ، ریخت ، ترکیب ، تصویر ، وجه ، روش ، طریقه ، برگه ، ورقه ، فرم ، ساختن ، بشکل دراوردن ، قالب کردن ، پروردن ، شکل گرفتن ، سرشتن ، فراگرفتن ، صورت ، دیس ، تشکیل دادن ، علوم مهندسی: نظم فرم ، کامپیوتر: شکل دادن ، معماری: صورت ، روانشناسی: ورقه ، ورزش: سابقه فعالیت اسب

: form (sheet)

ورزش: جدول نشاندهنده وضع گذشته اسبها
الکترونیک: ورقه ، شکل ، شکل دادن ، کامپیوتر: شکل ، قسم ، نوع ، طرز و رفتار ، نظم فرم ، علوم مهندسی: امادگی ، سابقه فعالیت اسب ، ورزشی: شکل ،قالب ، صورت ، معماری: شکل ، صورت ، فرم ، برگه ، ورقه ، روانشناسی: شکل ، ریخت ، ترکیب ، تصویر، وجه ، روش ، طریقه ، برگه ، ورقه ، فرم ، تشکیل دادن ، ساختن ، بشکل دراوردن ، قالب کردن ، پروردن ، شکل گرفتن ، سرشتن ، فراگرفتن ، صورت ، دیس ، تشکیل دادن کامپیوتر: فرم کامپیوتر: فرم

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- shape, appearance, configuration, formation, pattern, structure
- type, kind, sort, style, variety
- condition, fettle, fitness, health, shape, trim
- procedure, convention, custom, etiquette, protocol
- document, application, paper, sheet
- class, grade, rank
- make, build, construct, create, fashion, forge, mould, produce, shape
- arrange, combine, draw up, organize
- take shape, appear, become visible, come into being, crystallize, grow, materialize, rise
- develop, acquire, contract, cultivate, pick up
- constitute, compose, comprise, make up
Contrasted words: demolish, destroy, ruin, wreck
Related Words: contour, outline, profile, silhouette, anatomy, framework, skeleton, structure, economy, organism, scheme, system, procedure, proceeding, process, custom, habit, practice, usage, canon, law, precept, regulation, rule, method, mode, decorum, etiquette, propriety, fashion, manner, style, way, devise, create, invent, turn out, design, plan, plot, project, establish, found, organize
English Thesaurus: make, produce, create, manufacture, mass-produce, ...

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I. form1 S1 W1 /fɔːm $ fɔːrm/ noun
[Word Family: noun: form, formation, transformation, reformer, reform, reformation, reformist, transformer, formlessness; verb: form, reform, transform; adjective: reformed, reformist, formless; adverb: formlessly]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: forme, from Latin forma, perhaps from Greek morphe 'form, shape']

1. TYPE [countable] a particular type of something that exists in many different varieties
form of
a severe form of cancer
The bicycle is an environment-friendly form of transport.
the art forms of the twentieth century

2. WAY SOMETHING IS/APPEARS [countable] the way something is or appears to be:
We oppose racism in all its forms.
in the form of something
People are bombarded with information in the form of TV advertising.
Vitamin C can be taken in capsule or tablet form.
A typical training programme takes the form of a series of workshops.

3. SHAPE [countable] a shape
form of
the shadowy forms of the divers swimming below the boat
in the form of something
The main staircase was in the form of a big ‘S’.
The female form is a thing of beauty.

4. DOCUMENT [countable] an official document with spaces where you write information, especially about yourself:
Application forms are available from the college.
Just complete the entry form (=write the answers to the questions on a form) and return it.
fill in/out a form (=write the answers to the questions on a form)
Fill in the form and send it back with your cheque.

5. ART/LITERATURE [uncountable] the structure of a work of art or piece of writing, rather than the ideas it expresses, events it describes etc:
the distinction between form and content

6. PERFORMANCE [uncountable] how well a sports person, team, musician etc is performing, or has performed recently:
I have been greatly encouraged by the team’s recent form.
on present/current/past etc form
On current form he’s one of the top three players in the country.
in good/fine/great form
He’s been in good form all this season.
He had no qualms about dropping players he thought were off form (=not performing well).

7. SCHOOL [countable] British English a class in a school
first/second/sixth etc form
examinations taken in the fourth formform teacher

8. GRAMMAR [countable] a way of writing or saying a word that shows its number, tense etc. For example, ‘was’ is a past form of the verb ‘to be’.

9. CRIMINAL RECORD [uncountable] British English informal if someone has form, they are known to the police because they have committed crimes in the past

10. bad form old-fashioned behaviour that is considered to be socially unacceptable Synonym : bad manners:
It used to be considered bad form to talk about money.

11. form of words a way of expressing something official Synonym : wording:
The precise form of words has been agreed by the 12 heads of government.

12. be in good/fine/great etc form (also be on good/fine/great etc form British English) to be full of confidence and energy, so that you do something well or talk in an interesting or amusing way:
Michelle was in great form at last week’s conference.

13. take form
a) to begin to exist or develop:
The womb represents the very first place in which life takes form.
b) to start to become a particular shape:
As the men worked, I watched the ship’s hull take form.
true to form at true1(7)

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II. form2 S2 W1 verb
[Word Family: noun: form, formation, transformation, reformer, reform, reformation, reformist, transformer, formlessness; verb: form, reform, transform; adjective: reformed, reformist, formless; adverb: formlessly]

1. ESTABLISH [transitive] to establish an organization, committee, government etc ⇒ formation:
The winning party will form the government.
CARE was formed in 1946 and helps the poor in 38 countries.

2. BE PART OF SOMETHING [linking verb] to be the thing, or one of the things, that is part of something else, often having a particular use:
Love and trust should form the basis of a marriage.
The project forms part of a larger project investigating the history of the cinema.
The river formed a natural boundary between the two countries.

3. START TO EXIST [intransitive and transitive] to start to exist, or make something start to exist, especially as the result of a natural process ⇒ formation:
The rocks were formed more than 4,000 million years ago.
By midnight ice was already forming on the roads.
Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide combine to form acid rain.

4. MAKE/PRODUCE [transitive] to make something by combining two or more parts:
In English the past tense of a verb is usually formed by adding ‘ed’.

5. SHAPE/LINE [intransitive and transitive] to come together in a particular shape or line, or to make something have a particular shape Synonym : make:
Film-goers began to form a line outside the cinema.
Cut off the corners of the square to form a diamond.

6. RELATIONSHIP [transitive] to establish and develop a relationship with someone:
She seemed incapable of forming any relationships.
On returning to Boston, she formed a close friendship with her aunt.

7. form an opinion/impression/idea to use available information to develop or reach an opinion or idea:
She formed the opinion that one of the pupils was bullying the other.

8. INFLUENCE [transitive] to have a strong influence on how someone’s character develops and the type of person they become Synonym : mouldformative:
Events in early childhood often help to form our personalities in later life.

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Form 1040 /fɔːm ˌten ˈfɔːti $ ˌfɔːrm-, -ˈfɔːrti/ noun [countable]
a form which people in the US use to give information to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) so that their income tax can be calculated

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Form 1099 /fɔːm ˌten ˌnaɪnti ˈnaɪn $ ˌfɔːrm-/ noun [countable]
the form which people in the US use to give information to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) about money that they have earned during the year apart from their salaries (salary)

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I. type of sth/way of doing sth
ADJ. common Strikes are the most common form of industrial protest.
extreme an extreme form of socialism
pure In its purest form, the substance is highly explosive.
complex, simple | mild | virulent a virulent form of flu
early, final an early form of bicycle The document was edited before being circulated in its final form.
art, literary, musical Story-telling has acquired the status of an art form.
life primitive life forms at the bottom of the sea
digital, electronic The data is stored in digital form.
graphic, tabular The results of the survey are shown below in tabular form.
VERB + FORM take Bullying can take many forms.
PREP. in … ~ The gas is stored in liquid form.
in the ~ of These costs were passed on to the tenants in the form of higher rents.
~ of Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise.
PHRASES in any shape or form The company will not tolerate discrimination in any shape or form.
in some form or other We spend most of our time communicating in some form or other.

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II. shape
ADJ. human paintings of the human form
VERB + FORM alter, change a mythical creature that could change its form
assume, take on a god who could take on human form
PREP. in a/the ~ Two weeks later the moth will emerge in its adult form.

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III. piece of paper with questions on it
ADJ. application, booking, entry, order
VERB + FORM complete, fill in/out Please complete the application form and return it to us.
sign | return

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IV. strength/fitness
ADJ. fine, good | poor | current, present
VERB + FORM maintain The team is hoping that it can maintain its current form.
PREP. in ~ She was in fine form for the tournament. Barcelona are the team in form.
off ~ Her recent illness possibly explains why she was off form in this race.
on (sb's) ~ He'll be a difficult opponent to beat; he's really on form today. On his present form it seems likely that he will win the match.
out of ~ The team was out of form and did not play as well as expected.

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I. make/organize sth
VERB + FORM attempt to, try to | agree to, decide to | ask sb to, invite sb to The leader of the party with the most seats is invited to form a government.
help (to)
PHRASES newly/recently formed a newly formed political party

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II. make sth into a shape
PREP. into She formed the clay into a ball.
PHRASES fully formed The plan came in a flash of inspiration, fully formed.
perfectly formed a perfectly formed body

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See: ran true to form

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