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gaiety /ˈɡeɪəti, ˈɡeɪɪti/ noun

سبک روحی ، شادی ، شادمانی ، بشاشت ، خوشدلی
- cheerfulness, blitheness, exhilaration, glee, high spirits, jollity, light-heartedness, merriment, mirth
- merrymaking, conviviality, festivity, fun, jollification, revelry
Contrasted words: blues, cheerlessness, dismalness, dreariness, gloom, grief, infelicity, joylessness, misery, moodiness, moroseness, pensiveness, solemnity, somberness, sorrow, sullenness, uncheerfulness, wistfulness, woe
Related Words: cheerfulness, gladness, happiness, geniality, pleasantness, winsomeness, animation, conviviality, entertainment, exhilaration, liveliness, merrymaking, radiance, spiritedness, vivacity

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gaiety /ˈɡeɪəti, ˈɡeɪɪti/ noun old-fashioned
[Date: 1600-1700; Language: French; Origin: gaité, from gai; gay1]

1. [uncountable] when someone or something is cheerful and fun:
Lars enjoyed the warmth and gaiety of these occasions.gay1(3)

2. gaieties [plural] enjoyable events or activities:
Elaine missed the gaieties of life in Paris.

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