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garden /ˈɡɑːdn $ ˈɡɑːr-/ noun

باغ ، بوستان ، باغچه ، باغی ، بستانی ، درخت کاری کردن ، باغبانی کردن
I. garden1 S1 W1 /ˈɡɑːdn $ ˈɡɑːr-/ noun
[Word Family: noun: garden, gardener, gardening; verb: garden]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old North French; Origin: probably from Vulgar Latin (hortus) gardinus 'enclosed (garden)']

1. [countable] British English the area of land next to a house, where there are flowers, grass, and other plants, and often a place for people to sit Synonym : yard American English:
He’s outside in the garden.
Grace brought us some flowers from her garden.
back/front garden (=at the back or front of the house)

2. [countable] a part of the area next to a house, which has plants and flowers in it:
The house has a beautiful herb garden.

3. gardens [plural] a large area of land where plants and flowers are grown so that the public can go and see them:
the Botanical Gardens at Kew

4. Gardens British English used in the name of streets:
211 Roland Gardens
kitchen garden, market garden, ⇒ lead somebody up the garden path at lead1(12)

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II. garden2 verb [intransitive]
[Word Family: noun: garden, gardener, gardening; verb: garden]
to work in a garden, keeping it clean, growing plants etc

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ADJ. beautiful, lovely, pretty | big, large | small, tiny | back, front people hanging out washing in their back gardens
flower, herb, kitchen, rose, vegetable Most of the hotel's salads are grown in its own kitchen garden.
rock, water a rock garden with an astonishing variety of alpine plants
botanical, cottage, formal, landscaped, public, town, walled a large country house with beautiful landscaped gardens plants suitable for a small town garden a lovely Victorian walled garden
VERB + GARDEN create, design, lay out, plan, plant creating a garden out of a wilderness We got someone to design the garden for us. The garden is laid out in eighteenth century style.
plant We planted the garden with herbs and wild flowers.
dig, do, tend, tidy (up), weed Weekends were spent doing the garden.
GARDEN + NOUN flower, plant | pest aphids, one of the commonest garden pests
tools | gate, path, shed, wall | furniture, seat | centre We got the gravel at our local garden centre.
PREP. in/into a/the ~ Mary's out in the garden.
PHRASES the bottom/end of a garden

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overgrown (=covered with plants that have grown in an uncontrolled way)
The garden is getting rather overgrown.
well-kept/tidy British English (also neat American English)
The hotel is set in a well-kept garden.
There was a small untidy garden behind the house.
the front garden British English (=at the front of a house)
Their house had a small front garden.
the back garden British English (=behind a house)
The children are playing in the back garden.
a flower/rose garden (=a garden planted with flowers/roses)
The cottage was surrounded by a flower garden.
a kitchen garden British English (=where you grow fruit and vegetables)
The kitchen garden supplies vegetables to the manor house.
a vegetable/herb garden (=where vegetables/herbs are grown)
Rows of lettuces had been sown in the vegetable garden.
a rock garden (=a garden with rocks that have plants growing between them)
She helped me choose plants for the rock garden.
water the garden
It hasn’t rained for a week – I should water the garden.
weed the garden (=remove unwanted wild plants)
She was outside weeding the garden.
plant a garden
They planted a beautiful rose garden in her memory.
a garden shed (=a small building in the garden for storing tools and equipment)
We keep the lawnmower in the garden shed.
garden tools (=tools that you use for digging, planting etc in the garden)
Choose the right garden tool and you’ll do the job properly.
a garden centre British English, a garden center American English (=a shop selling plants and things for the garden)
I bought the plants at the garden centre.
garden furniture (=chairs and tables used in a garden)
Garden furniture sells well when the weather is warm.
a garden hose (=a long rubber tube used for watering a garden)
He accidentally left the garden hose running.
a garden pond (=a small area of water in a garden)
The garden pond was full of fish.
a garden gnome (=a stone or plastic figure in a garden, which looks like a little old man with a pointed hat)
Somebody had stolen one of their garden gnomes.
the garden gate (= the gate between a garden and the street)
Martin was waiting by the garden gate.
a garden path
Elaine walked up the garden path and into the house.
garden waste (=grass, leaves etc that you have cut and do not want)
The brown bin is for garden waste.
the bottom of the garden British English (=the end of the garden, away from the house)
There was a trampoline at the bottom of the garden.

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