get away
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(getaway) اغاز ، گریز ، فرار ، برو ، دور شو ، گمشو
get away
Synonyms: go, blow, depart, exit, get off, leave, pull out, quit, retire, withdraw
English Thesaurus: escape, get away, break free/break away, flee, get out, ...

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get away phrasal verb (see also get)

1. LEAVE to leave a place, especially when this is not easy:
The meeting dragged on, and I didn’t get away until seven.
get away from
I like to get away from London at the weekend.

2. ON HOLIDAY informal to take a holiday away from the place you normally live:
Will you manage to get away this summer?
get away to
We’re hoping to get away to Scotland for a few days.

3. ESCAPE to escape from someone who is chasing you or trying to catch you:
The three men got away in a stolen car.
get away from
We knew it wouldn’t be easy to get away from the police.
get away with
The thieves got away with jewellery worth over £50,000.

4. get away! British English spoken used to say you are very surprised by something or do not believe it

5. the one that got away something good that you nearly had or that nearly happened

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get away
to succeed in leaving, to escape
I was able to get away from work early so I went shopping.

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get away
1. To get loose or get free; become free from being held or controlled; succeed in leaving; escape.
As Jim was trying the bat, it got away from him and hit Tom.
Someone left the door open, and the puppy got away.
Mary tried to catch a butterfly, but it got away from her.
The bank robbers used a stolen car to get away.
If Mr. Graham can get away from his store this afternoon, he will take Johnny fishing.
2. To begin; start.
We got away early in the morning on the first day of our vacation.
The race got away to a fast start.

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