get in
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جمع اوری کردن ، وصول کردن ، سوار شدن ، انتخاب شدن ، وارد شدن
get in
Synonyms: come, arrive, blow in, get, reach, show, show up, turn up
English Thesaurus: arrive, get, reach, come, turn up, ...

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get in phrasal verb (see also get)

1. ENTER to enter a place, especially when this is difficult:
We managed to get in through a window.
The theatre was already full, and we couldn’t get in.

2. ARRIVE if a train, plane etc gets in at a particular time, it arrives at that time:
What time does the bus get in?
get in to
We get in to Heathrow at ten o'clock.

3. GET HOME to arrive home:
We didn’t get in until late.
What time do the boys get in from school?

4. BE ELECTED to be elected to a position of political power:
The Conservatives have promised to increase spending on health and education if they get in.

5. COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY to be allowed to be a student at a university, college etc:
I applied to Bristol University, but I didn’t get in.

6. BUY A SUPPLY get something ↔ in to buy a supply of something:
I must remember to get some food in for the weekend.

7. CROPS get something ↔ in to gather a crop and bring it to a sheltered place:
The whole village was involved with getting the harvest in.

8. ASK FOR WORKER get somebody ↔ in to ask someone to come to your home to do a job, especially to repair something:
We’ll have to get a plumber in.

9. GIVE SOMETHING TO SOMEBODY get something in to send something to a particular place or give it to a particular person:
Please can you get your essays in by Thursday.
It’s best to get your insurance claim in as quickly as possible.

10. DO SOMETHING get something ↔ in to manage to do something even though you do not have much time:
We’re hoping to get in a game of golf over the weekend.

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get in
v. phr.
1. To be admitted.
Andy wants to go to medical school but his grades aren't good enough for him to get in.
2. To arrive.
What time does the plane from New York get in?
3. To enter.
"Get in the car, and let's go," Tom said in a hurry.
4. To put in stock; receive.
The store just got in a new shipment of shoes from China.

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