get off
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تبرئه کردن ، رهایی یافتن ، پیاده شدن از ، حرکت کردن ، عزیمت کردن ، روانه کردن ، عقب رفتن از ، قانون ـ فقه: تبرئه کردن
get off
Synonyms: leave, alight, depart, descend, disembark, dismount, escape, exit
Related Words: advance, progress

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get off phrasal verb (see also get)

1. LEAVE to leave a place, or to help someone to leave a place:
We’ll try and get off straight after lunch.
get off something
Get off my land!
get somebody off
I’ll phone you as soon as I’ve got the children off to school.

2. FINISH WORK get off (something) to finish work and leave the place where you work at the end of the day:
I usually get off at six o'clock.
What time do you get off work?

3. SEND SOMETHING get something off to send a letter or package by post:
I’ll have to get this letter off by tonight.
get something off to
I’ll get the forms off to you today.

4. CLOTHING get something off to remove a piece of clothing:
Why don’t you get those wet clothes off?

5. NOT BE PUNISHED if someone gets off, they are not punished for doing something wrong, or they receive only a small punishment:
In the end he got off because there wasn’t enough evidence against him.
The police felt he had got off very lightly.
get off with
If you’re lucky, you’ll get off with a fine.

6. HELP SOMEBODY NOT BE PUNISHED get somebody off to help someone avoid being punished for a crime:
Her lawyers were confident that they could get her off.

7. SLEEP get (somebody) off to go to sleep, or to help a child go to sleep:
I went to bed but couldn’t get off to sleep.
It took us ages to get the baby off.

8. get off to a good/bad etc start to start in a particular way:
The day had got off to a bad start.

9. STOP TALKING ABOUT SOMETHING get off something to stop talking about a subject:
Can we get off the subject of death, please?

10. STOP TOUCHING SOMETHING get off (something/somebody) informal used to tell someone to stop touching something or someone:
Get off me!
Get off those cakes, or there’ll be trouble.
Get off (=stop touching me)!

11. tell somebody where to get off informal to tell someone that they are asking you for too much or are behaving in a way you will not accept:
He wanted £50, but I told him where to get off.

12. get off your butt/ass American English spoken not polite used to tell someone that they should stop being lazy and start doing something useful

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get off
get off (easy/lightly)
receive very little or no punishment for something; to escape or avoid a serious punishment
The criminals got off easy after they robbed the bank.

The young man got off easy and did not have to go to jail for his crime.

The criminal got off with a very light sentence from the judge.

get off (a bus/train/plane etc.)
to leave or exit from a bus or train etc.
We decided to get off the train at the next station.

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get off something
get off (a bus/train/plane etc.)
to leave or exit from a bus or train etc.
We decided to get off the train at the next station.

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get off
1. To come down from or out of.
The ladder fell, and Tom couldn't get off the roof.
The bus stopped, the door opened, and Father got off.
2. To take off.
Joe's mother told him to get his wet clothes off.
3. To get away; leave.
Mr. Johnson goes fishing whenever he can get off from work.
William got off early in the morning.
4. To go free.
Mr. Andrews got off with a $5 fine when he was caught passing a stop sign.
5. To make (something) go.
The halfback got off a lung pass.
John got a letter off to his grandmother.
6. To tell.
The governor got off several jokes at the beginning of his speech.

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