get out
تلفظ آنلاین

بیرون رفتن ، برخاستن ، فاش شدن ، رهایی یافتن ، گفتن ، در رفتن ، دور شو ، علوم مهندسی: بیرون رفتن ، قانون ـ فقه: اجاره دادن
get out
Synonyms: begone, bug off, buzz off, clear out, decamp, hightail, kite, scram, skedaddle, skiddoo, take off, vamoose, break, come out, leak, out, transpire, publish, issue, put out
Contrasted words: abide, remain, reside, stay
Related Idioms: beat it, be off, make tracks, take a powder, take a runout powder
Related Words: depart, duck (out), egress, exit, go, leave, split
English Thesaurus: escape, get away, break free/break away, flee, get out, ...

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get out phrasal verb (see also get)

1. LEAVE to leave a room or building:
You ought to get out into the fresh air.
Mary screamed at me to get out.
get out of
Get out of the kitchen!

2. ESCAPE to escape from a place:
Some of the animals had got out.
get out of
He was determined to get out of prison.

3. HELP SOMEBODY ESCAPE get somebody out to help someone leave a place or escape from a place:
It’s important to get these people out as soon as possible.
get somebody out of
We knew it was going to be difficult to get him out of the country.

4. TAKE SOMETHING FROM A PLACE get something ↔ out to take something from the place where it is kept:
She got out her violin and started to play.

5. INFORMATION if information gets out, a lot of people then know it although it is meant to be secret:
We have to make absolutely certain that none of this gets out.
It’s bound to get out that he’s retiring soon.

6. PRODUCE SOMETHING get something ↔ out to produce a book or other product that can be sold to people:
We’re hoping to get the new catalogue out next week.

7. SAY SOMETHING get something ↔ out to succeed in saying something, especially when this is very difficult:
I wanted to tell him I loved him, but couldn’t get the words out.

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get out
v. phr.
1. Leave or depart.
"Get out of here!" the teacher shouted angrily to the misbehaving student.
"Driver, I want to get out by the opera."
2. To publish; produce.
Our press is getting out two new books on ecology.
3. To escape; leak out.
We must not let the news about this secret invention get out.

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