get up
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get up
Synonyms: roll out, arise, pile (out), rise, rise and shine, turn out, uprise, stand, up, upspring, generate, breed, cause, engender, hatch, induce, muster (up), occasion, produce, work up
English Thesaurus: stand, be on your feet, get up, stand up, get to your feet, ...

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get up phrasal verb (see also get)

1. get (somebody) up to get out of your bed after sleeping, or to make someone get out of their bed:
We didn’t get up until lunchtime.
Get me up at seven, would you?

2. to stand up:
He got up and walked over to the window.

3. if a wind or storm gets up, it starts and gets stronger

4. be got up as/in something British English informal to be dressed in particular clothes:
He arrived at the party got up as Count Dracula.
The men were all got up in suits.

5. get it up informal to get an erection(1)

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get up
to get out of bed, to get to one's feet
I got up early today so that I could go fishing with my friend.

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get up
1. To get out of bed.
John's mother told him that it was time to get up.
2. To stand up; get to your feet.
A man should get up when a woman comes into the room.
3. To prepare; get ready.
Mary got up a picnic for her visitor.
The students got up a special number of the newspaper to celebrate the school's 50th birthday.
4. To dress up.
One of the girls got herself up as a witch for the Halloween party.
5. To go ahead.
The wagon driver shouted, "Get up!" to his horses.

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get up
n. (stress on "get") Fancy dress or costume.
Some get-up you're wearing!

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