give back
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پس دادن ، مسترد کردن ، علوم مهندسی: پس دادن
give back
Synonyms: retreat, fall back, retire, withdraw, restore, put (back), reinstate, replace, return
Related Words: back out, backtrack, backwater, crumble, fail, falter, weaken

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give something ↔ back phrasal verb (see also give)

1. to give something to the person it belongs to or the person who gave it to you:
This isn’t your money and you must give it back.
Of course you can have a look at it, as long as you give it back.
give something back to somebody
I’ll give the keys back to you tomorrow morning.
give somebody something ↔ back
Her ex-husband refused to give her back any of her old photos and letters.

2. to make it possible for someone to have or do something again Synonym : restore
give somebody something ↔ back
He underwent an expensive operation to give him back his sight.
The company finally agreed to give the women their old jobs back.
give something back to somebody
This legislation will give more power back to local authorities.

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