give in
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تسلیم شدن ، از پا درامدن
give in
Synonyms: admit defeat, capitulate, collapse, concede, quit, submit, succumb, surrender, yield
English Thesaurus: surrender, give in, admit/accept defeat, conced

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give in phrasal verb (see also give)

1. to finally agree to do or accept something that you had at first opposed, especially because someone has forced or persuaded you to:
Eventually I gave in and accepted the job on their terms.
Bob’s wife went on at him so much that eventually he gave in.
give in to
The government refused to give in to their demands.

2. to accept that you are defeated in a game, fight, competition etc ⇒ surrender:
The rebels were eventually forced to give in.
We will carry on fighting to the end. We will never give in.

3. give something ↔ in British English to give a piece of work or something you have written to someone in authority Synonym : hand in:
You were supposed to give this work in four days ago.
Rose decided to give in her notice (=officially say she was going to leave her job).
give something ↔ in to
All assignments must be given in to your teacher by Friday.

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give in
give in (to (someone/something))
to agree to something after originally opposing it.
Brown shrugged his shoulders and gave in, surrendering to the police without a word.

For a second she was tempted to give in to their whining, then thought they should learn how to wait — quietly.

Related vocabulary: knuckle under to someone/something

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give in
v. To stop fighting or arguing and do as the other person wants; give someone his own way; stop opposing someone.
Mother kept inviting Mrs. Smith to stay for lunch, and finally she gave in.
After Billy proved that he could ride a bicycle safely, his father gave in to him and bought him one.

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