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glow /ɡləʊ $ ɡloʊ/ noun [singular]
glow verb [intransitive]

سرخ شدن ، گداختن ، برافروختن ملتهب شدن ، تخلیه کنتاکتی ، التهاب ، تابش گداختگی ، تابیدن ، برافروختن ، تاب امدن ، قرمز شدن ، در تب و تاب بودن ، مشتعل بودن ، نگاه سوزان کردن ، تابش ، تاب ، برافروختگی ، محبت ، گرمی ، علوم مهندسی: برافروختگی
- shine, brighten, burn, gleam, glimmer, redden, smoulder
- light, burning, gleam, glimmer, luminosity, phosphorescence
- radiance, brightness, brilliance, effulgence, splendour, vividness
Related Words: burn, ignite, kindle, light
English Thesaurus: shine, flash, glare, flicker, twinkle, ...

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I. glow1 /ɡləʊ $ ɡloʊ/ noun [singular]

1. a soft steady light
glow from
the glow from the dying fire
glow of
the dim glow of the lightbulb
the warm glow of the setting sun
the green glow of the computer monitor

2. the pink colour in your face or body that you have when you are healthy, have been doing exercise, or are excited:
She had a healthy glow in her cheeks.

3. a glow of pleasure/satisfaction/happiness etc a strong feeling of pleasure etc:
Sophie felt a glow of pride.

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II. glow2 verb [intransitive]
[Language: Old English; Origin: glowan]

1. to produce or reflect a soft steady light Synonym : shine:
The bedside lamp glowed dimly.
The fireplace was still glowing with the remains of last night’s fire.
The red tip of his cigarette was glowing in the dark.

2. if your face or body glows, it is pink or hot because you are healthy, have been doing exercise, or are feeling a strong emotion
glow with
She looked exceptionally well, glowing with health.

3. glow with pride/joy/pleasure etc to look very happy because you feel proud etc:
She gazed up at him, glowing with happiness.

4. if something glows with a quality or colour, it is attractive and has strong colours
glow with
The interior of the house glowed with colour, warmth, and life.

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I. steady light
ADJ. cosy, rich, soft, warm | dim, dull, faint, pale | fierce | steady | eerie, ghostly
VERB + GLOW cast, give sth, throw The lamplight gave a cosy glow to the room. The sunset threw an orange glow on the cliffs.
be bathed in The whole village was bathed in the glow of the setting sun.
GLOW + VERB light sth Our faces were lit by the faint green glow of the dashboard lights.
PREP. ~ from the soft glow from the lamp
~ of

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II. in sb's face
ADJ. healthy, pink, rosy, warm
VERB + GLOW have Her cheeks had a healthy glow.
PHRASES bring a glow to sb's cheeks/face The wine had brought a warm glow to her cheeks.

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III. feeling
ADJ. rosy, warm
VERB + GLOW bask in, bathe in, feel She bathed in the warm glow of first love.
PREP. ~ of He felt a glow of pride as he watched them.

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I. give out light/heat
ADV. dully, faintly, softly Two lamps glowed softly in the lounge.
PHRASES glow orange, red, etc. The stones around the bonfire glowed red with the heat.

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II. look healthy, happy, angry, etc.
ADV. positively
PREP. with She was positively glowing with happiness.

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