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reflect /rɪˈflekt/ verb

باز تابیدن ، منعکس شدن ، بازتاب دادن ، بازتاب یافتن ، بازتابیدن ، تامل کردن ، منعکس کردن ، برگرداندن ، فکر کردن ، منتج شدن به ، علوم مهندسی: برگرداندن ، شیمی: بازتاباندن
- throw back, echo, mirror, reproduce, return
- show, demonstrate, display, indicate, manifest, reveal
- think, cogitate, consider, meditate, muse, ponder, ruminate, wonder
Related Words: repeat, reproduce, study, weigh
English Thesaurus: think, consider, weigh, give something some/a lot of thought, mull something over, ...

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reflect S2 W1 /rɪˈflekt/ verb
[Word Family: noun: reflection, reflector; verb: reflect; adjective: reflective]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Latin; Origin: reflectere 'to bend back', from flectere 'to bend']

1. IMAGE [transitive usually passive] if a person or a thing is reflected in a mirror, glass, or water, you can see an image of the person or thing on the surface of the mirror, glass, or water
be reflected in something
She could see her face reflected in the car’s windshield.

2. BE A SIGN OF SOMETHING [transitive not usually in progressive] to show or be a sign of a particular situation or feeling:
The drop in consumer spending reflects concern about the economy.
be reflected in something
The increasing racial diversity of the US is reflected in the latest census statistics.
reflect who/what/how etc
How much you’re paid reflects how important you are to the company you work for.

a) [transitive] if a surface reflects light, heat, or sound, it sends back the light etc that reaches it:
Wear something white – it reflects the heat.
b) [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] if light, heat, or sound reflects off something it reaches, it comes back from it

4. THINK ABOUT SOMETHING [intransitive and transitive] to think carefully about something, or to say something that you have been thinking about
reflect on
He had time to reflect on his successes and failures.
reflect that
Moe reflected that he had never seen Sherry so happy.
reflect on/upon somebody/something phrasal verb
to influence people’s opinion of someone or something, especially in a bad way:
If my children are rude, that reflects on me as a parent.

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I. send back light/heat/sound
ADV. dimly, dully The sun reflected dully off the stone walls. (figurative) In Milton's poem, Satan, even after his fall, dimly reflects his former glory.
PREP. from The screen reflects light from the sun.

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II. show/express sth
ADV. clearly | directly | accurately, closely, correctly, faithfully, well Does this opinion poll accurately reflect the public mood?
adequately The punishment should adequately reflect the revulsion felt by most people for this appalling crime.
merely, simply This year's budget simply reflects the fact that we have fewer people out of work.
not necessarily The views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of the editor.
VERB + REFLECT be designed to The exhibition is designed to reflect the diversity of the nation and its regions.
PREP. in The condition of the house is reflected in its low price.

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III. think deeply
ADV. bitterly, gloomily, ruefully, wryly reflecting ruefully that the great American dollar didn't buy as much as it used to
VERB + REFLECT pause to | leave sb to He was left to reflect on the implications of his decision.
PREP. on/upon She paused to reflect on what she had achieved.
PHRASES time to reflect I need time to reflect.

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