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عدم توجه ، عذر ، انحراف ، طفره ، اغفال ، ولگردی
go by phrasal verb (see also go)

1. if time goes by, it passes:
Things will get easier as time goes by.
as the days/weeks/years go by
As the weeks went by, I became more and more worried.
hardly a day/week/month etc goes by
Hardly a week goes by without some food scare being reported in the media.
in days/times/years etc gone by (=in the past)
These herbs would have been grown for medicinal purposes in days gone by.

2. go by something to form an opinion about someone or something from the information or experience that you have:
You can’t always go by appearances.
If his past plays are anything to go by, this should be a play worth watching.

3. go by something to do things according to a set of rules or laws:
Only a fool goes by the rules all the time.
There was no doubt that the referee had gone by the book (=had obeyed all the rules).go by the board at board1(8), ⇒ go by the name of something at name1(1)

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go by
1. To go or move past; pass.
Bob had to go by the post office on his way to school, so he mailed the letter.
2. To follow; copy; obey.
Mother goes by a pattern when she makes a dress.
You will find Main Street without trouble if you go by Father's directions.
If you ride a bicycle, you must go by the rules of the road.
3. To be known by; be called.
Many actors do not go by their real names.
Fred goes by the nickname of Chubby.
4. To pass; be over; end.
Time goes by quickly on vacation.
The horse and buggy days have gone by.
The flowers have all gone by. What will I do for a bouquet?
5. To stop for a short visit; go to someone's house for a short while.
"Have you seen Bill lately?" "Yes, I went by his house last week."
Compare: STOP BY.

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