go out
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خاموش شدن ، اعتصاب کردن ، دست کشیدن از ، چاپ یا منتشر شدن ، بیرون رفتن ، علوم مهندسی: عقب کشیدن
go out
- leave, depart, exit
- be extinguished, die out, expire, fade out

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go out phrasal verb (see also go)

1. LEAVE YOUR HOUSE to leave your house, especially in order to enjoy yourself:
Are you going out tonight?
go out for
We went out for a meal and then on to a movie.
go out doing something
Liam goes out drinking every Friday.
go out to do something
Can I go out to play now?
go out and do something
You should go out and get some fresh air.

2. RELATIONSHIP to have a romantic relationship with someone:
They’ve been going out for two years now.
go out with
Tina used to go out with my brother.
go out together
How long have you been going out together?

3. FIRE/LIGHT to stop burning or shining:
Suddenly the candle went out.

4. TV/RADIO British English to be broadcast on television or radio:
The programme goes out live at 5 o'clock on Mondays.

5. BE SENT to be sent:
A copy of the instructions should go out with the equipment.
The magazine goes out to all members at the end of the month.

6. GAME/SPORT to stop playing in a competition because you have lost a game:
He went out in the first round.

7. MOVE ABROAD to travel to another country in order to live and work there
go out to
They are looking for nurses to go out to Saudi Arabia.

8. NO LONGER FASHIONABLE to stop being fashionable or used:
Hats like that went out years ago.
This kind of entertainment went out with the ark (=is very old-fashioned).

9. SEA when the tide goes out, the sea moves away from the land Antonym : come in

10. MAKE PUBLIC if news or a message goes out, it is officially announced to everyone:
The appeal went out for food and medicines.

11. your heart/thoughts go out to somebody used to say that you feel sympathy for someone and are thinking about them:
Our hearts go out to the victim’s family.

12. TIME [always + adverb/preposition] literary to end:
March went out with high winds and rain.

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go out
v. phr.
1. To pass out of date or style.
Short skirts are gradually going out.
2. To stop giving off light or burning.
Put more wood on the fire or it will go out.
3. To leave.
When I called Sue, her mother said that she had just gone out.

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