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go up phrasal verb (see also go)

1. INCREASE to increase in price, amount, level etc:
Train fares have gone up.
Blood-sugar levels go up as you digest food.
go up by 10%/250/£900 etc
Unemployment in the country has gone up by a million.
go up from something to something
Spending on research went up from $426 million to $461 million.

2. BUILDING/SIGN if a building or sign goes up, it is built or fixed into place:
It was a lovely place before all these new houses went up.

3. EXPLODE/BURN to explode, or be destroyed in a fire:
He had left the gas on and the whole kitchen went up.
The whole building went up in flames.go up in smoke at smoke1(3)

4. SHOUT if a shout or a cheer goes up, people start to shout or cheer
go up from
A great cheer went up from the audience.

5. TO ANOTHER PLACE British English to go from one place to another, especially to a place that is further north, or to a town or city from a smaller place
go up to
We’re going up to Scotland next weekend.
He went up to the farm to get some eggs.

6. LIGHTS if lights go up, they become brighter:
when the lights went up at the end of the performance

7. UNIVERSITY British English formal old-fashioned to begin studying at a university, especially Oxford or Cambridge University

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go up
1. To go or move higher; rise.
Many people came to watch the weather balloon go up.
The path goes up the hill.
2. To be able to become heard; become loud or louder.
A shout went up from the crowd at the game.
3. Grow in height while being built; to be built.
The new church is going up on the corner.
4. To increase.
Prices of fruit and vegetables have gone up.

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