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smoke /sməʊk $ smoʊk/ noun

دودی رنگ ، دود کردن ، مه غلیظ ، استعمال دود ، استعمال دخانیات ، دودکردن ، دود دادن ، سیگارکشیدن ، علوم مهندسی: دود ، زیست شناسی: دود ، علوم نظامی: دود کشیدن دود دادن
Synonyms: cigarette, butt, cig, coffin nail, fag, gasper, pill, skag
Synonyms: hurry, bucket, bullet, fly, hasten, run, rush, speed, whiz, zip

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I. smoke1 S3 W3 /sməʊk $ smoʊk/ noun
[Word Family: noun: smoke, smokernon-smoker, smoking, smokiness; adjective: smoked, smoking ≠ non-smoking, smoky, smokeless; verb: smoke]
[Language: Old English; Origin: smoca]

1. [uncountable] white, grey, or black gas that is produced by something burning:
clouds of black smoke
cigarette smoke
Smoke from burning fields drifted across nearby roads.
the pall of smoke (=thick cloud of smoke) that hung over the city
wisp/puff of smoke (=a small amount of smoke)
Rangers watched from their fire towers for any wisps of smoke.

2. [countable usually singular] an act of smoking a cigarette etc:
He went outside for a quiet smoke.

3. go up in smoke
a) if something goes up in smoke, it burns so that it is completely destroyed:
The whole factory went up in smoke.
b) informal if a plan or some work goes up in smoke, it fails or you cannot continue with it:
We haven’t worked this long just to see everything go up in smoke.

4. [countable] spoken a cigarette or drugs that are smoked:
Where are the smokes, Jeff?

5. there’s no smoke without fire (also where there’s smoke there’s fire) spoken used to say that if something bad is being said about someone, it is probably partly true

6. when the smoke clears when things have stopped happening and the results can be clearly seen:
When the smoke clears, I think you'll find the company is in a stronger position.

7. the Smoke British English old-fashioned informal London or any large town or city

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II. smoke2 S2 W2 verb
[Word Family: noun: smoke, smokernon-smoker, smoking, smokiness; adjective: smoked, smoking ≠ non-smoking, smoky, smokeless; verb: smoke]

1. [intransitive and transitive] to suck or breathe in smoke from a cigarette, pipe etc or to do this regularly as a habit:
I don’t smoke and I don’t drink much.
Do you mind if I smoke?
He sat on the grass smoking a cigarette.
He admitted that he had smoked marijuana when he was a student.

2. [intransitive] if something smokes, it has smoke coming from it:
a smoking chimney

3. [transitive] to give fish or meat a special taste by hanging it in smoke
smoke somebody/something ↔ out phrasal verb

1. to fill a place with smoke in order to force someone or something to come out:
He smoked the bees out of their nest.

2. to discover who is causing a particular problem and force them to make themselves known:
an operation to smoke out double agents

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ADJ. dense, thick | black, blue, grey, etc. | billowing | acrid, choking, stale | cigar, cigarette, pipe, tobacco
QUANT. cloud, column, haze, pall, plume, puff, spiral, wisp We sat drinking in a haze of cigarette smoke. The witch disappeared in a puff of smoke.
VERB + SMOKE belch (out), blow, emit The lorry ahead was belching out black smoke. Don't blow smoke in my face!
exhale | inhale | go up in The barn went up in smoke (= was destroyed by a fire).
be wreathed in She sat there wreathed in cigarette smoke.
SMOKE + VERB belch, billow, curl, drift, fill, pour, rise from/into Blue smoke curled upwards from her cigarette.
hang A pall of yellow smoke hung over the quarry.
clear When the smoke cleared we saw the extent of the damage.
SMOKE + NOUN plume, ring I taught myself to blow smoke rings.
signal | bomb | alarm, detector | emission | inhalation
PHRASES full of smoke, thick with smoke The public bar was thick with stale tobacco smoke.

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I. cigarette/pipe, etc.
ADV. heavily He has always smoked heavily.

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II. meat/fish/cheese
ADV. heavily | lightly The ham is cured, then lightly smoked.

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black/blue/white/grey smoke
Black smoke poured out of the engine.
thick/dense smoke
Thick smoke spread through the building.
acrid smoke (=smelling bad and making you cough)
The shop was full of thick, acrid smoke.
cigarette/cigar/tobacco smoke
The air was thick with cigarette smoke.
wood smoke
I love the scent of wood smoke.
a cloud of smoke (=a large amount)
He lit a cigarette and blew out a cloud of smoke.
a billow of smoke (=a large amount of smoke from a fire)
The green, fresh leaves will burn slowly, with billows of smoke.
a pall of smoke (=a thick cloud of smoke hanging over something)
A thick pall of smoke hung over Cape Town.
a column/plume of smoke
He could see a thin black column of smoke rising vertically into the sky.
a puff of smoke (=a small amount that comes quickly from something)
There was a puff of white smoke from the man's gun.
a wisp of smoke (=a thin amount of smoke)
Only a few wisps of smoke rose here and there.
smoke rises
Smoke was rising from the top of the tower.
smoke billows (=large amounts come from a fire)
She noticed smoke billowing out of one of the bedrooms.
smoke drifts
The cigarette smoke drifted away on the breeze.
smoke curls
Smoke curled from cooking fires next to a group of tents.
smoke clears (=disappears)
The kitchen door was still open, and inside the smoke was clearing.
belch (out) smoke (=send out large amounts of smoke)
The factories belch smoke.

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BAD: People eventually get ill from inhaling the smokes.
GOOD: People eventually get ill from inhaling the smoke.

Usage Note:
Smoke is an uncountable noun: 'The room was full of smoke.'

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the (big) smoke
[British & Australian]
a big city, especially London, Sydney or Melbourne.
So when were you last in the smoke, then?

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