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grass /ɡrɑːs $ ɡræs/ noun

سبزه ، ماری جوانا ، با علف پوشاندن ، چمن زار کردن ، چراندن ، چریدن ، علف خوردن ، ورزش: زمین چمن ، چمن مسیر اسبدوانی
زیست شناسی: گراس ، هر گیاهی از خانواده گرامینه

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Synonyms: marijuana, boo, cannabis, Mary Jane, moocah, pot, tea, weed

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Grass, Günter
(1927– ) a German writer of novels and plays with strong moral ideas. His best known works include The Tin Drum (1959) and The Flounder (1978). He received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1999. In 2006 he announced that he had been in the Waffen SS during World War II.

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I. grass1 S2 W2 /ɡrɑːs $ ɡræs/ noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: græs]

a) [uncountable] a very common plant with thin leaves that covers the ground in fields and gardens and is often eaten by animals:
She enjoyed the feel of grass beneath her feet.
a blade of grass (=single leaf)
b) [countable] a particular kind of grass:
All grasses need light to grow well.

2. the grass an area of grass, especially an area where the grass is kept cut short:
I walked across the grass.
Keep off the grass.

3. DRUG [uncountable] informal marijuana

4. CRIMINAL [countable] British English informal someone, usually a criminal, who gives information about other criminals to the police – used to show disapproval Synonym : informer, stoolpigeon American Englishsupergrass

5. the grass is greener (on the other side) used to say that other places or situations seem better than yours, although they may not really be better

6. not let the grass grow under your feet to not waste time or delay starting something

7. put somebody out to grass informal to make someone leave their job because they are too old to do it effectively
grass roots, ⇒ snake in the grass at snake1(2)

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II. grass2 verb [intransitive]
(also grass somebody up) British English informal to tell the police about a criminal’s activities
grass on
Burton grassed on other prisoners.
grass something ↔ over phrasal verb
to cover land with grass

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ADJ. green | coarse, rough, thick | lush | long, tall | short | fresh-cut, freshly-cut, freshly-mown | damp, wet | dry | wild
QUANT. blade I've walked along that path for so many years I know every blade of grass.
clump, tuft There were only a few clumps of coarse grass for the animals to eat.
VERB + GRASS eat | cut, mow | sow
GRASS + NOUN clippings, cuttings | seed | verge We parked on the grass verge by the side of the road.
PREP. across the ~ They all set off across the grass.
in the ~ I found the wallet lying in the grass.
on the ~ You're not allowed to walk on the grass.
through the ~ The dog came running through the long grass.

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cut the grass
The grass in the back garden needs cutting.
mow the grass (=cut it with a special machine)
I usually mow the grass once a week.
The cows moved slowly through the long green grass.
I walked with the tall grass brushing my knees.
These mowers only work efficiently on short grass.
coarse (=consisting of thick and large pieces)
The only vegetation was a few bushes and patches of coarse grass.
His foot slipped on the wet grass and he fell.
grass clippings/cuttings (=pieces of cut grass)
You can use your grass clippings to start your own compost pile.
grass stains (=marks on clothing caused by grass)
It's going to be difficult to get the grass stains out of these trousers.
grass seed
Now is the best time to plant grass seed.
grass verge British English (=area of grass next to a road)
He stopped the car on the grass verge of the deserted road.
a blade of grass (=a single piece of grass)
A few blades of grass poked out of the dry earth.

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See: let grass grow under one's feet , snake in the grass

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