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grave /ɡreɪv/ noun [countable]
grave adjective
grave /ɡrɑːv/ adjective

Irregular Forms: (graven)

گودال ، سخت ، بم ، خطرناک ، بزرگ ، مهم ، موقر ، سنگین ، نقش کردن ، تراشیدن ، حفر کردن ، قبر کندن ، دفن کردن
burying place, crypt, mausoleum, pit, sepulchre, tomb, vault
- solemn, dignified, dour, earnest, serious, sober, sombre, unsmiling
- important, acute, critical, dangerous, pressing, serious, severe, threatening, urgent
Antonyms: gay
Contrasted words: flippant, light, light-minded, paltry, petty, trivial, harmless, innocuous, temporary, transitory
Related Idioms: final resting place
Related Words: catacomb, crypt, vault, mausoleum, ossuary, cinerarium, heavy, ponderous, grim, sad, saturnine, awful, dreadful, horrible, terrible, deadly, destructive, dire, fatal, killing, murderous, frightening, ghastly, afflictive, severe
English Thesaurus: serious, solemn, grave, sombre, earnest, ...

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I. grave1 /ɡreɪv/ noun [countable]
[Language: Old English; Origin: græf]

1. the place in the ground where a dead body is buried ⇒ tomb:
At the head of the grave there was a small wooden cross.

2. the grave literary death:
He took that secret to the grave.

3. somebody would turn in their grave used to say that someone who is dead would strongly disapprove of something happening now:
The way Bill plays that piece would have Mozart turning in his grave.
dig your own grave at dig1(8), ⇒ from (the) cradle to (the) grave at cradle1(3), ⇒ have one foot in the grave at foot1(24), ⇒ silent as the grave at silent(3), ⇒ a watery grave at watery(4)

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II. grave2 adjective

1. grave problems, situations, or worries are very great or bad ⇒ serious:
Matthew’s life is in grave danger.
The report expressed grave concern over the technicians’ lack of training.
I have grave doubts about his ability.
The situation is becoming very grave.

In everyday English, people usually use serious rather than grave, and seriously rather than gravely:
I have serious doubts about whether he’s up to the job.
I’m seriously worried about her.

2. looking or sounding quiet and serious, especially because something important or worrying has happened Synonym : sombre:
Turnbull’s face was grave as he told them about the accident.
—gravely adverb:
Adam nodded gravely.
We are gravely concerned (=very concerned) about these developments.

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III. grave3 /ɡrɑːv/ adjective
a grave accent is a mark put above a letter in some languages such as French to show the pronunciation, for example è ⇒ acute, circumflex

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ADJ. deep, shallow The body was found in a shallow grave in a nearby wood.
open The mourners threw flowers into the open grave.
freshly-dug | unmarked His body is buried in an unmarked grave.
mass A mass grave has been discovered in a wood outside the village.
watery He rescued her from a watery grave (= saved her from drowning).
VERB + GRAVE dig | mark The grave was marked by a simple headstone.
desecrate Some of the graves have been desecrated by vandals.
PREP. beyond the ~ The old lady still influences the family from beyond the grave.
in a/the ~ I'll be in my grave by the time that happens!
on a/the ~ She puts fresh flowers on her husband's grave every Sunday.

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dig a grave
In the churchyard, a man was digging a grave.
mark a grave
The stone marked the grave of their young daughter.
bury somebody in a grave (=put someone in a grave)
She was buried in a grave next to her older sister.
a shallow grave (=a hole that is not very deep in the ground)
They found the woman’s remains in a shallow grave in the woods.
a mass grave (=one that is filled with many people, especially people killed in a war or people who died of a disease at a similar time)
Plague victims were buried in a mass grave.
an unmarked grave (=one that does not have anything to show where it is or who is in it)
Until 1855, poor people here were buried in unmarked graves.
a family grave (=one where members of a family are buried together)
Walter died in 1922 and was buried in the family grave in Finchley cemetery.
an open grave (=one that has not yet been covered in earth)
He wept by her open grave.
a grave site (=the place where a grave is)
The President visited the grave sites of 12 youths killed in recent bombings.

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BAD: I don't have any grave problems.
GOOD: I don't have any serious problems.
BAD: Blackmail is a grave crime.
GOOD: Blackmail is a serious crime.

Usage Note:
grave = extremely serious and worrying, especially because someone's life or happiness is in danger: 'The situation has become increasingly grave and war now seems inevitable.' 'The shortage of food and medical supplies is giving rise to grave concern.'

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BAD: We went to see the 'Valley of the Kings', where the grave of Tut-mah-Amun was found.
GOOD: We went to see the 'Valley of the Kings', where the tomb of Tut-mah-Amun was found.

Usage Note:
grave = a place in the ground where a dead person is put: 'The coffin was slowly lowered into the grave.'
tomb (pronounced /tu:m/) = a place where a dead person is put. A tomb is usually made of stone and is above the ground: 'Our first stop was the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.'

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See: one foot in the grave , turn in one's grave or turn over in one's grave

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