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greatly /ˈɡreɪtli/ adverb

به زیادی ، زیاد ، بطور ، بزرگ و عمده ، شرافتمندانه
Synonyms: very much, considerably, enormously, exceedingly, hugely, immensely, remarkably, tremendously, vastly

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greatly W3 /ˈɡreɪtli/ adverb formal
[Word Family: noun: greatness, great; adverb: greatly; adjective: great]
extremely or very much
greatly increased/reduced
The cost of repairs has greatly increased in recent years.
All offers of help will be greatly appreciated.
The quality of health care varies greatly.

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BAD: Living standards have improved greatly.
GOOD: Living standards have greatly improved.
GOOD: Living standards have improved enormously.
BAD: The children greatly cheered me up.
GOOD: The children cheered me up a lot.

Usage Note:
Greatly is usually placed in front of a main verb, especially in passive structures: 'Your kind offer is greatly appreciated.' 'Stories of panic on Wall Street have been greatly exaggerated.'
To emphasize the meaning of an active verb, use enormously, tremendously or (in informal styles) a lot at the end of the clause: 'In the last forty years education in China has changed enormously.'

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