grow up
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grow up
Synonyms: mature, age, develop, grow, maturate, mellow, ripe, ripen
English Thesaurus: live, be from/come from, inhabit, reside, grow up, ...

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grow up phrasal verb (see also grow)

1. to develop from being a child to being an adult:
What do you want to be when you grow up?
I grew up in Chicago.

2. grow up! spoken used to tell someone to behave in a more responsible way, like an adult

3. to start to exist or develop gradually:
Trading settlements grew up by the river.

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grow up
to stop behaving like a child.
Kayo says we ought to grow up and stop complaining.

Usage notes: often used as an order:
Why were you guys wildly celebrating after scoring one goal? Grow up.

Related vocabulary: come of age
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of grow up (= to change from being a child to being an adult)

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grow up
1. To increase in size or height; become taller or older; reach full height.
Johnny is growing up; his shoes are too small for him.
I grew up on a farm.
The city has grown up since I was young.
2. To become adult in mind or judgment; become old enough to think or decide in important matters.
Tom wants to he a coach when he grows up.
Grow up, you're not a baby any more!

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