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grow /ɡrəʊ $ ɡroʊ/ verb (past tense grew /ɡruː/, past participle grown /ɡrəʊn $ ɡroʊn/)

Irregular Forms: (grew)(grown)

رستن ، روییدن ، رشد کردن ، سبز شدن ، بزرگ شدن ، زیاد شدن ، ترقی کردن ، شدن ، گشتن ، رویانیدن ، کاشتن ، علوم دریایی: راه زنجیر
- increase, develop, enlarge, expand, get bigger, multiply, spread, stretch, swell
- originate, arise, issue, spring, stem
- improve, advance, flourish, progress, prosper, succeed, thrive
- become, come to be, get, turn
- cultivate, breed, farm, nurture, produce, propagate, raise
Related Words: care (for), foster, nurse, nurture, rear, tend
English Thesaurus: become, get, go, turn, grow, ...

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grow S1 W1 /ɡrəʊ $ ɡroʊ/ verb (past tense grew /ɡruː/, past participle grown /ɡrəʊn $ ɡroʊn/)
[Word Family: noun: grower, growth, undergrowth, outgrowth, overgrowth; adjective: growing, grown, overgrown; verb: grow, outgrow]
[Language: Old English; Origin: growan]

a) [intransitive] to increase in amount, size, number, or strength Antonym : shrink:
Support for Mr Thompson is growing.
grow by
Sales of new cars grew by 10% last year.
grow from/to
The number of students at the college has grown from 200 to over 500.
A growing number of people are taking part-time jobs.
grow rapidly/slowly/steadily
The economy has grown steadily.
Fears are growing for the crew’s safety.
grow in
a city that is still growing in size
Skiing has really grown in popularity.
There is growing concern about climate change.
my growing interest in China
b) [transitive] to make a business or part of a business bigger and more successful:
We want to grow the export side of the business.

In everyday English, people usually say an amount or level goes up rather than grows:
Sales went up by 10% last year.
The population of the town has gone up to almost a million.

2. PERSON/ANIMAL [intransitive] to become bigger, taller etc over a period of time in the process of becoming an adult Antonym : shrink:
You’ve really grown since I last saw you.
Victor seemed to grow taller every day.
grow 2 inches/5 cm etc
Stan grew two inches in six months.

a) [intransitive] if plants grow, they exist and develop in a natural way:
a tree which will grow well in most types of soil
The plants grow wild (=grow without anyone looking after them) by the river.
b) [transitive] to make plants or crops develop and produce fruit or flowers ⇒ raise:
Many families own plots of land to grow food.
Britain grows 6,000,000 tonnes of potatoes a year.
The growing season is from April to September.

a) [transitive] if you grow your hair or nails, you do not cut them:
I’ve decided to grow my hair long.
grow a beard/moustache
b) [intransitive] when hair or nails grow, they become longer

a) [I always + adj] to change and become different quite slowly:
The sound was growing louder.
Her tastes have changed as she’s grown older.
Donna has grown tired of being a model.
Gradually, Fiona’s eyes grew used to the darkness (=she gradually became able to see a little better).
b) [intransitive] to gradually change your opinions and have a feeling that you did not have before
grow to like/hate/respect etc
After a while the kids grew to like Mr Cox.
the city he had grown to love

In everyday English, people usually say get older/tired/angry etc rather than grow older/tired/angry etc, which sounds rather literary:
The sound was getting louder.

6. IMPROVE [intransitive] to gradually become better, bigger etc
grow as
She’s grown tremendously as a musician.

7. it/money doesn’t grow on trees spoken used to say that you should not waste money
grow apart phrasal verb
if two people grow apart, their relationship becomes less close:
The couple had been growing apart for years.
grow into somebody/something phrasal verb

1. to develop over time and become a particular kind of person or thing:
Sue grew into a lovely young woman.
The two-part show has grown into a full-fledged series.

2. to gradually learn how to do a job or deal with a situation successfully:
She will grow into her new role over the next few months.

3. if a child grows into clothes, he or she becomes big enough to wear them
grow on somebody phrasal verb
if something grows on you, you gradually like it more and more:
I hated his music at first, but it grows on you.
grow out phrasal verb
if you grow out a hairstyle, or if it grows out, you gradually grow your hair until the style disappears
grow something ↔ out
I’m growing my fringe out.
grow out of something phrasal verb

1. if a child grows out of clothes, he or she becomes too big to wear them Synonym : outgrow

2. if someone grows out of something, they stop doing it as they get older Synonym : outgrow:
Mike finally seems to be growing out of his rebelliousness.

3. to develop or happen as a result of something else that happened or existed:
His art grew out of his love of nature.
legislation which grew out of concern over the increasing crime rate
grow up phrasal verb

1. to develop from being a child to being an adult:
What do you want to be when you grow up?
I grew up in Chicago.

2. grow up! spoken used to tell someone to behave in a more responsible way, like an adult

3. to start to exist or develop gradually:
Trading settlements grew up by the river.

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I. increase
ADV. fast, quickly, rapidly | slowly | steadily | exponentially Well before a billionth of a second had elapsed the universe started to grow exponentially.
VERB + GROW seem to | begin to, start to | continue to | be expected to
PREP. by Profits are expected to grow by 10% next year.
from Her media empire grew from quite small beginnings.
in She continued to grow in confidence
into The village grew into a town.

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II. of a person/animal
ADV. fast, quickly, rapidly | slowly
PREP. into The small puppy quickly grew into a very large dog.

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III. of plants/hair
ADV. well Tomatoes grow best in direct sunlight.
fast, quickly, rapidly | slowly | steadily | thickly the nettles that grew thickly round the boathouse
outwards, upwards As the island subsided the reef grew upwards and outwards.
VERB + GROW allow sth to, let sth She decided to let her hair grow.
PREP. from The tree grew from a small acorn.
into Small acorns grow into great oak trees.
PHRASES grow unchecked A rose in full bloom had been allowed to grow unchecked up one of the walls.

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IV. make plants grow
ADV. organically organically grown produce
VERB + GROW be easy to an attractive plant which is very hardy and easy to grow

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BAD: Many of these children grow in an atmosphere of violence.
GOOD: Many of these children grow up in an atmosphere of violence.

Usage Note:
grow = (1) (of children, animals, plants etc) develop or get bigger as part of a natural process: 'Mary's little boy grew four centimetres last year.' 'Orchids don't grow in cold climates.' (2) cause plants, vegetables etc to do this by taking care of them: 'In the back garden we grow onions, potatoes and carrots.'
grow up = (of children) pass from childhood into maturity: 'Of course I know him - we grew up together in New York.' 'Tom wants to be a scientist when he grows up.'

BAD: Some parents need to be taught how to grow their children.
GOOD: Some parents need to be taught how to bring up their children.

Usage Note:
bring up (or raise ) = look after children until they are old enough to leave home, teaching them how to behave and what to think about the world: 'He was brought up to believe that men and women are equal.'

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