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guarantee /ˌɡærənˈtiː/ verb [transitive]
guarantee noun [countable]

مضمون به ، کفالت وثیقه ، تامین تضمین کردن ، تامین کردن ، تکفل کردن متعهد له ، ضمانت نامه ، تضمین کردن ، ضامن ، وثیقه ، سپرده ، ضمانت کردن ، تعهد کردن ، عهده دار شدن ، قانون ـ فقه: وثیقه ، مضمون له ، بازرگانی: جیرو کردن ، شخص ضمانت شده
- assurance, bond, certainty, pledge, promise, security, surety, warranty, word of honour
- make certain, assure, certify, ensure, pledge, promise, secure, vouch for, warrant
Related Words: earnest, pledge, promise, token, undertaking, word, oath, vow
English Thesaurus: promise, pledge, vow, oath, undertaking, ...

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I. guarantee1 S2 W3 AC /ˌɡærənˈtiː/ verb [transitive]
[Word Family: verb: guarantee; noun: guarantee]

a) to promise to do something or to promise that something will happen
guarantee (that)
I guarantee you’ll love this film.
guarantee somebody something
If you send the application form in straight away, I can guarantee you an interview.
guarantee to do something
I cannot guarantee to work for more than a year.
The law guarantees equal rights for men and women.
b) to make a formal written promise to repair or replace a product if it breaks within a specific period of time:
All our products are fully guaranteed.
guarantee something against something
The stereo is guaranteed against failure for a year.

2. to promise that you will pay back money that someone else has borrowed, if they do not pay it back themselves:
The bank will only lend me money if my parents guarantee the loan.

3. to make it certain that something will happen:
In movies, talent by no means guarantees success.
guarantee that
The built-in thermostat guarantees that the water remains at the same temperature all the time.
be guaranteed to do something
This latest incident is guaranteed to make the situation worse.
be guaranteed something
Even if you complete your training, you aren’t guaranteed a job.

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II. guarantee2 S3 AC noun [countable]
[Word Family: verb: guarantee; noun: guarantee]
[Date: 1600-1700; Origin: Probably from guaranty]

1. a formal written promise to repair or replace a product if it breaks within a specific period of time Synonym : warranty:
They offer a two-year guarantee on all their electrical goods.
come with/carry a guarantee
Our computers come with a one-year guarantee.
under guarantee
Is your TV under guarantee (=protected by a guarantee)?
a money-back guarantee

2. a formal promise that something will be done
guarantee of
I’m afraid there’s no guarantee of success.
guarantee that
I cannot give a guarantee that there will be no redundancies.

a) a promise that you will pay back money that someone else has used or borrowed, if they do not pay it themselves
b) something valuable that you give to someone to keep until you have done something you promised to do:
The bank is holding the airline’s assets as guarantees.

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I. written promise by a company
ADJ. full | lifetime, three-year, two-year, etc. | money-back
VERB + GUARANTEE carry, come with, have All our products come with a two-year guarantee.
give (sb), issue, offer (sb)
PREP. under ~ The car is still under guarantee, so you should be able to get it repaired free of charge.
~ against The window frames carry a 20-year guarantee against rot or decay.
~ for The garage gives a year's guarantee for all repair work.
~ on The contractors offer a full money-back guarantee on all their work.

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II. promise that sth will be done/will happen
ADJ. absolute, cast-iron, firm, reliable | long-term | constitutional, personal The country gives a constitutional guarantee of the rights of minorities.
VERB + GUARANTEE give (sb), offer (sb), provide (sb with) | demand, want | get We didn't get any firm guarantee of a loan.
PREP. ~ against There was no guarantee against misuse of the king's power.
~ for The demonstrators were demanding guarantees for fair elections.
~ of Driving into town early is no longer a guarantee of getting a parking space.

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I. promise to do sth/promise sth will happen
ADV. absolutely I can absolutely guarantee that you will enjoy the show.
personally I personally guarantee total and immediate support in all measures undertaken.
VERB + GUARANTEE be able to, can

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II. give a written promise about the quality of sth
PHRASES be fully guaranteed All our electrical goods are fully guaranteed.

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III. make sth certain to happen
ADV. absolutely | almost, practically, virtually | effectively The complicated electoral system effectively guarantees the president's re-election.
automatically The process of training and qualification does not automatically guarantee you a job.
by no means, not necessarily The outcome is by no means guaranteed.

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BAD: May I remind you that the cassette recorder is still in guarantee.
GOOD: May I remind you that the cassette recorder is still under guarantee.

Usage Note:
under guarantee (NOT in ): 'The watch was still under guarantee so they repaired it free of charge.'

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