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guilty /ˈɡɪlti/ adjective

مرتکب ، گناهکار ، مقصر ، بزهکار ، مجرم ، محکوم ، قانون ـ فقه: مقصر ، خطاکار
- responsible, at fault, blameworthy, culpable, reprehensible, sinful, to blame, wrong
- remorseful, ashamed, conscience-stricken, contrite, regretful, rueful, shamefaced, sheepish, sorry
Antonyms: innocent, guiltless
Related Words: accountable, answerable, responsible, impeached, incriminated, indicted
English Thesaurus: guilty, responsible, be to blame, culpable, negligent, ...

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guilty S2 W3 /ˈɡɪlti/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: guilt, guiltiness; adjective: guilty, guilt-ridden; adverb: guiltily]

1. ASHAMED feeling very ashamed and sad because you know that you have done something wrong
guilty about/at
I feel really guilty at forgetting her birthday again.
She looked self-conscious and guilty.
It was his guilty conscience that made him offer to help.

In everyday English, people often say that they feel bad about something rather than say that they feel guilty about it:
I feel bad about leaving him on his own.

2. OF A CRIME having done something that is a crime Antonym : innocent
guilty of
The jury found her guilty of murder.
He was found not guilty of the death of PC Jones.
He pleaded guilty to two charges of theft.

3. responsible for behaviour that is morally or socially unacceptable
be guilty of doing something
Some journalists are guilty of reporting scandal in order to sell papers.

4. the guilty party formal the person who has done something illegal or wrong
—guiltily adverb

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I. feeling/showing guilt
VERBS feel, look
ADV. extremely, incredibly, really, terribly, very She's got a terribly guilty conscience about it.
almost I feel almost guilty that so many good things are happening to us.
a bit, faintly, a little, rather, slightly, somewhat, vaguely She was looking rather guilty when I came into the room.
oddly, ridiculously
PREP. about I feel very guilty about leaving her.

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II. having broken the law/done sth wrong
VERBS be, plead He pleaded guilty to starting the fire.
believe sb, presume sb No one believed him guilty of this terrible crime. A person should never be presumed guilty.
deem sb, find sb, hold sb, prove sb Company directors may be deemed guilty of an offence if their company causes pollution. He was found guilty of murder.
ADV. certainly, clearly She was certainly guilty, but the police couldn't prove it.
PREP. of She was guilty of fraud.

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BAD: The jury charged the defendant guilty.
GOOD: The jury found the defendant guilty.
BAD: He was tried and judged guilty of murder.
GOOD: He was tried and found guilty of murder.

Usage Note:
find sb guilty/innocent : 'Despite the flimsy evidence, the jury found her guilty.' 'The accused was found guilty and sentenced to five years' imprisonment.'

BAD: They feel guilty of neglecting their duty.
GOOD: They feel guilty about neglecting their duty.
BAD: A lot of women feel guilty to leave their children alone or with another person.
GOOD: A lot of women feel guilty about leaving their children alone or with another person.

Usage Note:
(be) guilty of a crime or doing something wrong: 'The jury found the defendant guilty of murder.' 'He was guilty of driving without a licence or insurance.'
(feel) guilty about (doing) sth = ashamed: 'I still feel guilty about not visiting her while she was in hospital.'

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