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handy /ˈhændi/ adjective (comparative handier, superlative handiest)

بادست انجام شده ، دستی ، دم دست ، اماده ، موجود ، سودمند ، چابک ، چالاک ، ماهر ، استاد در کار خود ، روان ، بسهولت قابل استفاده ، سهل الاستعمال
- available, accessible, at hand, at one's fingertips, close, convenient, nearby, on hand, within reach
- useful, convenient, easy to use, helpful, manageable, neat, practical, serviceable, user-friendly
- skilful, adept, adroit, deft, dexterous, expert, proficient, skilled
Antonyms: unhandy
Contrasted words: clumsy, cumbersome, cumbrous, unwieldy
Related Idioms: at one's hand (or elbow), ready to hand
Related Words: adaptable, advantageous, beneficial, wieldy
English Thesaurus: useful, handy, helpful, of use, worthwhile, ...

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Handy, W.C.
(1873–1958) a US jazz musician and writer of jazz songs, thought to be the first person to write BLUES music. He is especially known for his song St Louis Blues.

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handy S3 /ˈhændi/ adjective (comparative handier, superlative handiest)
[Word Family: noun: hand, handful; adjective: underhand, handy; verb: hand; adverb: handily]

1. useful:
It’s quite a handy little tool.
It’s very handy having a light above your desk.
Take your swimming trunks with you – they might come in handy (=be useful).

2. informal near and easy to reach:
I always keep my gun handy just in case.
Do you have a piece of paper handy?
handy for British English:
The house was in Drury Lane, very handy for the theatre.

3. good at using something, especially a tool
handy with
He’s very handy with a screwdriver.

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I. useful
VERBS be | come in I advise you to buy one?it may come in handy one day.
ADV. very | quite
PREP. for The arrangement was handy for both of us.

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II. nearby
VERBS be | keep sth Always keep a cloth handy to wipe up any mess.
ADV. very | quite
PREP. for The house was near Drury Lane, very handy for the theatre.

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III. good at using sth
ADV. very | fairly, pretty, quite
PREP. at ‘I'm pretty handy at giving out advice,’ claimed Mark.
with Lucy is quite handy with a drill!

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can easily fix things
He is very handy around the house and is always fixing or building something.

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