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happily /ˈhæpəli, ˈhæpɪli/ adverb

خوشبختانه ، خوشحالی ، با مسرت
- willingly, freely, gladly, with pleasure
- joyfully, blithely, cheerfully, gaily, gleefully, joyously, merrily
- luckily, fortunately, opportunely, providentially

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happily /ˈhæpəli, ˈhæpɪli/ adverb
[Word Family: noun: happinessunhappiness; adverb: happilyunhappily; adjective: happyunhappy]

1. in a happy way:
Michelle smiled happily.
I’m a happily married man.
So she married the prince, and they lived happily ever after (=used at the end of children’s stories to say that someone was happy for the rest of their life).

2. [sentence adverb] fortunately:
Happily, his injuries were not serious.

3. very willingly:
I’d happily go for you.
Most restaurants will happily accept payment by cheque.

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