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heighten /ˈhaɪtn/ verb [intransitive and transitive]

بلند کردن ، بلندتر کردن ، بالا بردن ، زیاد کردن ، شدید کردن ، بسط دادن
Synonyms: intensify, add to, amplify, enhance, improve, increase, magnify, sharpen, strengthen
Contrasted words: diminish, lessen, shrink
Related Words: elevate, lift, raise, better, improve, enlarge, increase
English Thesaurus: increase, go up, rise, grow, escalate, ...

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heighten /ˈhaɪtn/ verb [intransitive and transitive]
[Word Family: noun: height, heights; verb: heighten; adjective: heightened]
if something heightens a feeling, effect etc, or if a feeling etc heightens, it becomes stronger or increases Synonym : intensifystrengthen:
There are fears that the march will heighten racial tension.
Increased levels of fat in the diet could heighten the risk of cancer.
heighten (sb’s) awareness (of something) (=make people realize something more clearly)
The case has heightened public awareness of the problem of sexual harassment.

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ADV. greatly This latest attack has greatly heightened fears of an all-out war.
VERB + HEIGHTEN serve to Seeing others enjoying themselves only served to heighten his sense of loneliness.
seek to an exercise which seeks to heighten people's awareness of the problems

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