help out
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help   out  

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help out
Synonyms: help, abet, aid, assist, benefact, do for, stead
English Thesaurus: help, assistance, aid, support, cooperation, ...

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help out phrasal verb (see also help)
to help someone because they are busy or have problems:
Do you need anyone to help out in the shop?
help somebody ↔ out (with something)
I helped her out when Stella became ill.
She was helping him out with his mortgage repayments.

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help out
1. To be helpful or useful; help sometimes or somewhat.
Mr. Smith helps out with the milking on the farm.
Tom helps out in the store after school.
2. To help (someone) especially in a time of need; aid; assist.
Jane is helping out Mother by minding the baby.
When John couldn't add the numbers, the teacher helped him out.

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