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help /help/ verb
help noun

کمک کردن ، یاری کردن ، مساعدت کردن (با) ، همدستی کردن ، مدد رساندن ، بهترکردن چاره کردن ، کمک ، یاری ، مساعدت ، مدد ، نوکر ، مزدور ، کامپیوتر: کمک
الکترونیک: کمک ، کامپیوتر: کمک کردن ، یاری کردن ، مساعدت کردن( با)، همدستی کردن ، مدد رساندن ، بهترکردن چاره کردن ، کمک ، یاری ، مساعدت ، مدد، نوکر، مزدور کامپیوتر: راهنما ، کلید اجرا = F1

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- aid, abet, assist, cooperate, lend a hand, succour, support
- improve, alleviate, ameliorate, ease, facilitate, mitigate, relieve
- refrain from, avoid, keep from, prevent, resist
- assistance, advice, aid, cooperation, guidance, helping hand, support
Antonyms: hindrance, hinder
Contrasted words: bar, block, impede, obstruct, oppose, baffle, balk, foil, frustrate, thwart, discomfit, embarrass, damage, harm, hurt, injure, impair, worsen
Related Idioms: give a lift, lend a hand (or a helping hand), stand back of (or behind)
Related Words: benefit, cooperation, service, use, back, bolster, boost, champion, second, support, uphold, avail, profit, advance, facilitate, forward, further, promote, serve, befriend, succor, alleviate, mitigate, palliate, relieve
English Thesaurus: help, assistance, aid, support, cooperation, ...

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I. help1 S1 W1 /help/ verb
[Word Family: noun: help, helper, helpfulnessunhelpfulness, helping, helplessness; adverb: helpfullyunhelpfully, helplessly; adjective: helpfulunhelpful, helpless; verb: help]
[Language: Old English; Origin: helpan]

1. [intransitive and transitive] to make it possible or easier for someone to do something by doing part of their work or by giving them something they need:
If there’s anything I can do to help, just give me a call.
help somebody (to) do something
I helped her to carry her cases up the stairs.
She helped him choose some new clothes.
herbal products that help you to relax and sleep
help (to) do something
She was coming to help clean the machines.
help somebody with something
Can I help you with the washing up?
My father said he’s going to help me with the fees.
help somebody on/off with something (=help someone put on or take off a piece of clothing)
Here, let me help you on with your coat.
help somebody somewhere (=help someone get to a particular place, especially because they are old, ill, or hurt)
She helped the old man across the road.

2. [intransitive and transitive] to make a situation better, easier, or less painful:
Crying won’t help.
If you get rid of your car you could be helping the environment.
It helps my concentration if I listen to music while I’m working.
It helped a lot to know that someone understood how I felt.
Eight hours of deep sleep helped enormously.

3. help yourself (to something)
a) to take some of what you want, without asking permission – used especially when offering food to someone:
Please help yourself to some cake.
b) informal to steal something:
Obviously he had been helping himself to the money.

4. help! spoken used to call people and ask them to help you when you are in danger

5. somebody can’t help (doing) something (also somebody can’t help but do something) used to say that someone is unable to change their behaviour or feelings, or to prevent themselves from doing something:
She couldn’t help it if she was being irrational.
‘Stop biting your nails.’ ‘I can’t help it.’
I can’t help the way I feel about you.
Lee could not help but agree with her.
somebody can’t help feeling/thinking/wondering etc something
I can’t help feeling that there has been a mistake.
I couldn’t help thinking about the past.

6. I couldn’t help myself/she couldn’t help herself etc to be unable to stop yourself from doing something you should not do:
She knew she sounded just like her mother but she couldn’t help herself.

7. it can’t be helped spoken used to say that there is nothing you can do to change a bad situation:
She said she had to leave him for a while; it couldn’t be helped.

8. somebody is helping the police with their enquiries British English the police are interviewing someone about a crime, especially because they believe that this person may have committed the crime

9. a helping hand help and support
give/lend/offer etc somebody a helping hand
She’s been giving me a helping hand with the children.

10. not if I can help it spoken used to say that you are not going to do something:
‘Are you going to watch the school play?’ ‘Not if I can help it.’

11. God help him/them etc spoken used to say that something bad may happen to someone:
‘Good luck.’ ‘God help me. I think I’m going to need it.’

12. so help me (God) used when making a serious promise, especially in a court of law

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II. help2 S1 W1 noun
[Word Family: noun: help, helper, helpfulnessunhelpfulness, helping, helplessness; adverb: helpfullyunhelpfully, helplessly; adjective: helpfulunhelpful, helpless; verb: help]

1. [uncountable] things you do to make it easier or possible for someone to do something:
Thank you for all your help.
help with something/with doing something
Do you want any help with the washing up?
help to do something
I could do with some help to bring the bags in from the car.
help (in) doing something
He asked for my help in getting an interview with her.
with the help of somebody/with sb’s help
We manage, with the help of a nurse who comes daily.

2. [singular, uncountable] if someone or something is a help to you, they are useful and make it easier for you to do something:
That map isn’t much help.
with the help of something
I managed to make myself understood with the help of a phrase book.
be of great/little/no/some etc help (to somebody)
Let me know if I can be of any help to you.
be a (great/big/tremendous/real etc) help (to somebody)
Any information would be a great help.
You’ve been a real help to me, Carrie.

3. [uncountable] advice, treatment, information, or money which is given to people who need it:
A lot of these children need professional help.
help with
You may be able to ask for help with the rent.
We received no help from the police.

4. [uncountable] a part of a computer program that helps someone using it by giving additional information

5. the help American English someone’s servant or servants

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ADJ. big, enormous, great, invaluable, real, substantial, tremendous, valuable You've been a big help?thanks. It's a great help having you around. This is the first scheme to offer real help to working mothers.
generous | direct The careers officer gives direct help as well as advice.
mutual, self- The system is based on mutual help rather than on payment for services. a best-selling author of self-help books
voluntary The homeless centre relies entirely on voluntary help.
immediate | individual Teachers have little time to give individual help to students.
expert, skilled, technical | outside They can usually manage by themselves, but occasionally need outside help.
financial, legal, medical, practical, professional When the symptoms persisted, I decided to seek medical help.
VERB + HELP appeal for, ask for, beg for, call for, scream for, seek, send for, shout for, summon Police are appealing for help in catching the killers. I opened the window and called for help.
bring, enlist, fetch, find, get He enlisted the help of a private detective in his search for the truth. He ran to get help.
need, want Do you need any help unloading the car?
get, receive | accept He's too proud to accept help.
come to, give sb, offer (sb), provide (sb with) Passers-by came to the woman's help when she was mugged.
HELP + VERB arrive, come He lay injured for four hours before help arrived.
be at hand (informal) Don't panic?help is at hand.
HELP + NOUN desk, line (also helpline) For further information, phone our helpline.
PREP. beyond ~ Some of the injured animals were beyond help and had to be destroyed.
of ~ The manual is too technical to be of help to the inexperienced user.
with ~ With a little help, I think I could fix the computer myself. We broke open the lock with the help of a spanner.
~ for The training centre provides special help for the long-term unemployed.
~ from With help from a parent, a child can do simple cooking.
~ in Local teachers provided invaluable help in developing the material.
~ to She's been a big help to her father. | ~ with He'll need help with this homework.
PHRASES an appeal/a plea/a request for help The family's request for help went unanswered. | a cry for help I heard a cry for help from inside the building.
in need of help The man was clearly in need of urgent medical help.
an offer of help He rudely rejected her kind offer of help.

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I. do sth for sb
ADV. a lot My mother helps me a lot.
a bit | solicitously He solicitously helped her back into the chair.
VERB + HELP be able/unable to, can/could Can you help me with my homework?
try to I was only trying to help out.
PREP. across I helped her across the road.
into, out of She helped the old man out of the car.
with We all help with the housework.
PHRASES help sb to their feet Mike helped the old lady to her feet.
a way of helping the best way of helping your child

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II. make sth easier/better
ADV. enormously, greatly, immeasurably, a lot, really, tremendously Talking to a counsellor helped her enormously. The whole process was greatly helped by the widespread availability of computers.
a bit, a little | certainly It certainly helped that her father is a duke!
VERB + HELP be designed to The minimum wage is designed to help people in low-pay service industries.
PREP. in Iron helps in the formation of red blood cells.

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BAD: Remember to call me if you need a help.
GOOD: Remember to call me if you need help.

Usage Note:
Help is usually an uncountable noun: 'Do you want some help?' 'He doesn't like asking for help.'
Note however the phrase be a (great/tremendous) help : 'Thanks for coming and looking after the children. You've been a great help.' 'It would be a great help if you could just address all the envelopes.'

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Common Errors

BAD: The girl's parents couldn't help to worry about her.
GOOD: The girl's parents couldn't help worrying about her.

Usage Note:
can't/couldn't help doing sth : 'I couldn't help laughing when I saw what he was doing.'

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See: can help , can't help but or cannot but , so help me

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