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hold on phrasal verb (see also hold)

1. spoken
a) to wait for a short time:
Hold on, I’ll just get my coat.
b) used when you have just noticed, heard, or remembered something interesting or wrong:
Hold on a minute! Isn’t that your brother’s car over there?
c) used to ask someone on the telephone to wait until the person they want to talk to is available:
Can you hold on? I’ll try to find her.

2. to have your hands or arms tightly around something:
Hold on tight!
hold on to
Hold on to my arm.

3. to continue doing something that is very difficult to do:
San Francisco held on to win 4–2.

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hold on
to wait for someone.
Tell them to hold on, I'll be there in a minute.

Usage notes: often used to tell someone to wait for someone else to answer the telephone:
Please hold on, he's on another line.

to wait for something.
Try to hold on while I go and get some help.

Usage notes: usually used to tell someone they must wait although it is difficult to do so

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hold on
to wait a minute, to stop, to wait and not hang up the phone
"Please hold on for a minute while I lock the window."

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Hold on!
wait a minute, stop, wait and not hang up the phone
"Please hold on for a minute while I go back and lock the window."

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hold on
1. To keep holding tightly; continue to hold strongly.
As Ted was pulling on the rope, it began to slip and Earl cried, "Hold on, Ted!"
Synonym: HANG ON.
2. To wait and not hang up a telephone; keep a phone for later use.
Mr. Jones asked me to hold on while he spoke to his secretary.
3. To keep on with a business or job in spite of difficulties.
It was hard to keep the store going during the depression, but Max held on and at last met with success.
4. informal To wait a minute; stop.
Usually used as a command.
"Hold on!" John's father said, "I want the car tonight."

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