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home /həʊm $ hoʊm/ noun

اسایشگاه ، منزل ، مرزوبوم ، میهن ، وطن ، اقامت گاه ، شهر ، بخانه برگشتن ، خانه دادن (به) ، بطرف خانه ، کامپیوتر: منزلگاه ، عمران: خانه ، قانون ـ فقه: وطن ، میهن ، ورزش: زمین خودی ، علوم نظامی: جا به داخل لوله راندن

: home (nav)

علوم دریایی: به درون کشیدن
الکترونیک: منزلگاه ، کامپیوتر: وطن ، فقهی: وطن ، میهن ، حقوق: زمین خودی ، ورزشی: میهن ، خانه ، وطن ، اسایشگاه ، جا به داخل لوله راندن ، علوم نظامی: خانه ، عمران: خانه ، منزل ، مرزوبوم ، میهن ، وطن ، اقامت گاه ، شهر، بخانه برگشتن ، خانه دادن(به)، بطرف خانه کامپیوتر: خانه

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- house, abode, domicile, dwelling, habitation, pad (slang), residence
- birthplace, home town
- at home: in, available, present, at ease, comfortable, familiar, relaxed
- bring home to: make clear, drive home, emphasize, impress upon, press home
- domestic, familiar, internal, local, native
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I. home1 S1 W1 /həʊm $ hoʊm/ noun
[Word Family: adjective: homeless, homely, homeward; noun: home, homelessness; adverb: home, HOMEWARDS; verb: home]
[Language: Old English; Origin: ham 'village, home']

1. PLACE WHERE YOU LIVE [uncountable and countable] the house, apartment, or place where you live:
They have a beautiful home in California.
Good luck in your new home!
at home
Last night we stayed at home and watched TV.
away from home
He was spending more and more time away from home.
work from/at home (=do your work at home instead of at a company office)
A family of birds made their home (=started living) under the roof.

2. FAMILY [uncountable and countable] the place where a child lived with his or her family:
Jack left home when he was 16.
Were you still living at home (=with your parents)?
Carrie moved out of the family home a year ago.

3. WHERE YOU CAME FROM/BELONG [uncountable and countable] the place where you came from or where you usually live, especially when this is the place where you feel happy and comfortable:
She was born in Italy, but she’s made Charleston her home.
back home
The folks back home don’t really understand what life is like here.

4. YOUR COUNTRY [uncountable] the country where you live, as opposed to foreign countries
at home
auto sales at home and abroad
back home
He’s been travelling, but he’s kept up with what’s going on back home.

5. be/feel at home
a) to feel comfortable in a place or with a person
be/feel at home in/with
I’m already feeling at home in the new apartment.
After a while we began to feel at home with each other.
b) to feel happy or confident about doing or using something
be/feel at home with/in
Practise using the video until you feel quite at home with it.

6. PROPERTY [countable] a house, apartment etc considered as property which you can buy or sell:
Attractive modern homes for sale.

7. FOR TAKING CARE OF SOMEBODY [countable] a place where people who are very old or sick, or children who have no family, are looked after:
an old people’s home
I could never put Dad into a home.CHILDREN’S HOME, nursing home, rest home

8. make yourself at home spoken used to tell someone who is visiting you that they should relax:
Sit down and make yourself at home.

9. make somebody feel at home to make someone feel relaxed by being friendly towards them:
We like to make our customers feel at home.

10. the home of something
a) the place where something was first discovered, made, or developed:
America is the home of baseball.
b) the place where a plant or animal grows or lives:
India is the home of elephants and tigers.

11. SPORTS TEAM at home if a sports team plays at home, they play at their own sports field Antonym : away
at home to
Birmingham Bullets are at home to Kingston.

12. home from home British English, home away from home American English a place that you think is as pleasant and comfortable as your own house

13. home sweet home used to say how nice it is to be in your own home

14. dogs’/cats’ home British English a place where animals with no owners are looked after

15. find a home for something British English to find a place where something can be kept:
Can you find a home for the piano?

16. what’s that when it’s at home? British English spoken used humorously to ask what a long or unusual word means

17. GAMES [uncountable] a place in some games or sports which a player must try to reach in order to win a point
home plate, home run

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II. home2 S1 W1 adverb
[Word Family: adjective: homeless, homely, homeward; noun: home, homelessness; adverb: home, HOMEWARDS; verb: home]

1. to or at the place where you live:
Is Sue home from work yet?
bring/take somebody/something home
They brought the baby home from the hospital on Friday.
We stayed home last night.
I’m going home now. See you tomorrow.
come/get/reach etc home (=arrive at your home)
It was midnight by the time we got home.
What time are you coming home?
Do not use a preposition such as ‘at’ or ‘to’ before home when it is an adverb: Then we went home (NOT went at home). | He returned home (NOT returned to home).

2. take home £120 per week/$600 a month etc to earn a certain amount of money after tax has been taken off:
The average worker takes home around $300 a week.

3. hit/drive/hammer etc something home
a) to make sure that someone understands what you mean by saying it in an extremely direct and determined way:
We really need to drive this message home.
b) to hit or push something firmly into the correct position

4. bring something home to somebody/come home to somebody to make you realize how serious, difficult, or dangerous something is:
The episode has brought home to me the pointlessness of this war.

5. hit/strike home if a remark, situation, or experience hits home, it makes you realize how serious, difficult, or dangerous something is:
She could see that her remark had hit home.

6. be home and dry British English informal to have succeeded in doing something

7. be home free American English informal to have succeeded in doing the most difficult part of something:
If I last five years with no symptoms, I’ll be home free.
close to home at close2(19)

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III. home3 adjective [only before noun]

1. relating to or belonging to your home or family
home address/number (=the address or telephone number of your house)
These children need a proper home life.

2. done at home or intended for use in a home:
good old-fashioned home cooking
a home computer

3. played or playing at a team’s own sports field, rather than an opponent’s field
home team/game/crowd/club etc
The home team took the lead after 25 minutes.

4. relating to a particular country, as opposed to foreign countries Synonym : domestic:
The meat was destined for the home market.

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IV. home4 verb
[Word Family: adjective: homeless, homely, homeward; noun: home, homelessness; adverb: home, HOMEWARDS; verb: home]
home in on something phrasal verb

1. to aim exactly at an object or place and move directly to it:
The bat can home in on insects using a kind of ‘radar’.

2. to direct your efforts or attention towards a particular fault or problem:
He homed in on the one weak link in the argument.

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I. place where sb/sth lives
ADJ. boyhood, childhood, family, marital, matrimonial, natural, parental Placing a child in public care is sometimes the only solution to ill-treatment in the natural home. It's unusual for young people over 25 to still live in the parental home.
native She left her native home in Ireland and went to America.
permanent, temporary a shelter for people with no permanent home
comfortable, luxurious, luxury, magnificent, nice, pleasant | humble | happy, secure, stable, supportive These children badly need a stable and secure home life. The lock-up garage provides a secure home for your car.
broken children from a broken home (= whose parents are no longer together) | single-parent More and more children in the school are from single-parent homes.
middle-class, working-class, etc. | dream They found their dream home on the shore of a lake.
detached, semi-detached, terrace/terraced | rented | council | country, island, mountain, riverside, seaside, suburban, valley, village He used to spend the summer painting at his country home.
holiday, weekend They also have a holiday home in Spain. | caravan, mobile, motor The storm wrecked the family's caravan home.
ancestral | stately Priceless antique furniture was destroyed in the fire at the stately home.
forest These birds are in danger of becoming extinct as their forest home disappears.
winter The mudflats offer a winter home to thousands of migrating swans.
legendary The hill is the legendary home of King Arthur.
spiritual The first time he visited New Orleans he knew he had found his spiritual home.
VERB + HOME arrive, come, get, go, make your way Let's go home?I'm tired.
bring sb/sth, take sb/sth | be away from, get away from, leave He didn't leave home until he was 24.
abandon The people abandoned their homes and headed for the hills.
find (sb/sth), give sb/sth Perhaps we could find a home for the kitten.
HOME + NOUN address, number Try phoning me on my home number after six o'clock.
buyer, owner | ownership | purchase | sales | background, conditions, environment, life, situation He came from an appalling home background. She had never had a stable home life.
area, base, country, district, state, town | territory, turf I arranged to meet her in her office, as she seemed more relaxed on her home territory.
improvement, maintenance, repairs | extension | loan | help My grandmother has a home help who comes and cleans twice a week.
appliance | computer | furnishings | contents Make sure you insure your home contents for an adequate amount.
comforts She desperately missed her home comforts while camping.
insurance | security Fitting a burglar alarm is the most effective way to increase home security.
entertainment the market for home entertainment systems
use This video is for home use only.
user a laser printer aimed at the home user
trial We are offering a free 15-day home trial on our software.
student, study The course is suitable for classroom or home study.
tutor | work, worker He supplements his income with part-time or home work.
baking, cooking She missed her mother's home cooking.
nursing | visit The doctor was assaulted on a home visit.
remedy, treatment I've tried all the home remedies for headaches without success.
leave He went missing while on home leave from prison.
movie, video We have a home movie of my dad teaching me to swim.
consumption He claimed he had bought the cigarettes for home consumption, not to sell them.
market They hope to sell as many computers on the home market as they export.
affairs, news the party's spokesman for home affairs The newspaper gives priority to home news over international news.
port, waters seamen serving in home waters
PREP. at ~, away from ~ Her job means she's away from home for weeks at a time.
back ~, in your own ~ | ~ of Andalusia, the home of flamenco
PHRASES a home from home The hotel's friendly atmosphere makes it a real home from home.
home-grown home-grown vegetables (figurative) The show gives home-grown musical talent the chance to show what they can do.
home-made home-made bread
on the home front (= used to introduce domestic news) On the home front, the fuel crisis continues to worsen.
welcome home The banner said ‘Welcome home dad!’

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II. place that provides care for sb/sth
ADJ. care, charity, children's, convalescent, foster, nursing, old people's, remand, residential, rest, retirement | purpose-built Work begins this week on a purpose-built home for the city's homeless.
VERB + HOME provide (sb with) We have to provide a good home for the children.
run They run a retirement home for the elderly.

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a secure/stable home (=a caring family without a lot of changes)
He had grown up in a stable home.
a happy home (=a happy family)
We had a happy home.
a broken home (=a family in which the parents have separated)
Many of the youngsters came from broken homes.
the family home (=where a family lives)
The house was once the family home of the O'Dare family.
the marital home (=where a husband and wife live)
He left the marital home to move in with his lover.
sb’s childhood/boyhood etc home (=where you lived as a child)
I had not been back to my childhood home for ten years.
a permanent/temporary home
Flood victims were offered temporary homes.
live at home (=live with your parents)
More people in their twenties are still living at home because housing is so expensive.
leave home (=stop living with your parents at home)
Lisa had left home at age 16.
work from/at home (=do your work at home instead of at an office)
I work at home three days a week.

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BAD: As soon as I arrived at home, I knew that something was wrong.
GOOD: As soon as I arrived home, I knew that something was wrong.
BAD: When the examinations are over, I'm going to home.
GOOD: When the examinations are over, I'm going home.

Usage Note:
arrive/go/return home (WITHOUT at/to ): 'Let's go home and have something to eat.' 'We arrived home at six o'clock.'
Compare: 'We arrived at their house at six o'clock.'

BAD: I have to stay in my home to look after our baby.
GOOD: I have to stay at home to look after our baby.
BAD: We decided to spend the weekend in our home.
GOOD: We decided to spend the weekend at home.

Usage Note:
at home (NOT in my/our etc home) : 'I'm fed up with being at home all the time.'

BAD: We left my uncle's home at ten o'clock.
GOOD: We left my uncle's house at ten o'clock.
BAD: Why don't you stay in Joan's home?
GOOD: Why don't you stay at Joan's house?

Usage Note:
leave/stay at/go home BUT leave/stay at/go to sb's house
Compare: 'Shall we go home or shall we go to your house?'

BAD: If they want to go outside the home, they have to ask their husbands.
GOOD: If they want to go out, they have to ask their husbands.

Usage Note:
When someone leaves their house for a short while, they go out : 'I'd like to go out but I'm too tired.'

BAD: Saudi women were not allowed to work outside their home.
GOOD: Saudi women were not allowed to go out to work.

Usage Note:
Job Your job is what you do to earn your living: ‘You’ll never get a job if you don’t have any qualifications.’ ‘She’d like to change her job but can’t find anything better.’ Your job is also the particular type of work that you do: ‘John’s new job sounds really interesting.’ ‘I know she works for the BBC but I’m not sure what job she does.’
A job may be full-time or part-time (NOT half-time or half-day ): ‘All she could get was a part-time job at a petrol station.’
Do (for a living) When you want to know about the type of work that someone does, the usual questions are What do you do? What does she do for a living? etc ‘What does your father do?’ - ‘He’s a police inspector.’
Occupation and job have similar meanings. However, occupation is far less common than job and is used mainly in formal and official styles: ‘Please give brief details of your employment history and present occupation.’ ‘People in manual occupations seem to suffer less from stress.’
Post/position The particular job that you have in a company or organization is your post or position : ‘She’s been appointed to the post of deputy principal.’ ‘He’s applied for the position of sales manager.’ Post and position are used mainly in formal styles and often refer to jobs which have a lot of responsibility.
Career Your career is your working life, or the series of jobs that you have during your working life: ‘The scandal brought his career in politics to a sudden end.’ ‘Later on in his career, he became first secretary at the British Embassy in Washington.’
Your career is also the particular kind of work for which you are trained and that you intend to do for a long time: ‘I wanted to find out more about careers in publishing.’
Trade A trade is a type of work in which you do or make things with your hands: ‘Most of the men had worked in skilled trades such as carpentry or printing.’ ‘My grandfather was a bricklayer by trade.’
Profession A profession is a type of work such as medicine, teaching, or law which requires a high level of training or education: ‘Until recently, medicine has been a male-dominated profession.’ ‘She entered the teaching profession in 1987.’

BAD: My parents don't want me to live out of home.
GOOD: My parents don't want me to live away from home.

Usage Note:
(live/move) away from home (NOT out of home ): 'I've been living away from home for almost two years.'

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