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honour , honor /ˈɒnə $ ˈɑːnər/ noun

ایفای تعهد کردن ، احترام کردن به ، عزت دادن به ، برات ، یا حواله ای را قبول کردن ، بازرگانی: ایفای تعهد کردن ، انجام تعهد
- glory, credit, dignity, distinction, fame, prestige, renown, reputation
- tribute, accolade, commendation, homage, praise, recognition
- fairness, decency, goodness, honesty, integrity, morality, probity, rectitude
- privilege, compliment, credit, pleasure
- respect, adore, appreciate, esteem, prize, value
- fulfil, be true to, carry out, discharge, keep, live up to, observe
- acclaim, commemorate, commend, decorate, praise
- accept, acknowledge, pass, pay, take

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I. honour1 W3 British English, honor American English /ˈɒnə $ ˈɑːnər/ noun

1. SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU PROUD [singular] something that makes you feel very proud:
Over 100 players competed for the honour of representing the county in the National Finals.
it is an honour to do something
It is an honor to have you here, sir.

2. RESPECT [uncountable] the respect that you, your family, your country etc receive from other people, which makes you feel proud
honour of
He was prepared even to die in order to defend the honour of his family.
national/family/personal etc honour
For the French team, winning tomorrow’s game is a matter of national honour.

3. in honour of somebody/something
a) in order to show how much you admire and respect someone:
The stadium was named in honour of the club’s first chairman.
in sb’s honour
A special dinner will be held in her honour.
b) to celebrate an event:
An oak tree was planted in honour of the occasion.

4. GIVEN TO SOMEBODY [countable] something such as a special title or medal given to someone to show how much people respect them for what they have achieved:
Reverend Peters was nominated for the honour by colleagues at Walworth Methodist Church.
highest honour (=most important honour)
The medal is the highest honour the association can bestow (=give).

5. MORAL PRINCIPLES [uncountable] strong moral beliefs and standards of behaviour that make people respect and trust you:
My father was a man of honour and great integrity.
Her actions were always guided by a deep sense of honour (=strong desire to do what is morally right).
matter/point/question of honour (=something that you feel you must do because of your moral principles)
It had become a point of honour not to tell him about Lori.

a) with honours British English if you pass a university degree with honours, you pass it at a level that is higher than the most basic level
b) with honors American English if you finish high school or college with honors, you get one of the highest grades
c) First Class/Second Class Honours British English the highest or second highest level of degree at a British university

7. Your/His/Her Honour used when speaking to or about a judge:
No, Your Honour.

8. place of honour the seat or place which is given to the most important guest or object:
The vase she gave me occupies the place of honor in my living room.

9. with full military honours if someone is buried with full military honours, there is a military ceremony at their funeral

10. do the honours spoken to pour the drinks, serve food etc at a social occasion:
Liz, would you do the honors?

11. your word of honour a very serious promise that what you are saying is true:
I won’t try to see you again. I give you my word of honour.

12. be an honour to somebody/something to bring admiration and respect to your country, school, family etc because of your behaviour or achievements:
He’s an honour to his family and his country.

13. be/feel honour bound to do something formal to feel that it is your moral duty to do something:
We felt honor bound to attend their wedding.

14. on your honour
a) if you swear on your honour to do something, you promise very seriously to do it
b) old-fashioned if you are on your honour to do something, you are being trusted to do it

15. the honours are even used to say that the people or teams in a competition, game etc have done as well as each other or have the same score

16. SEX [uncountable] old use if a woman loses her honour, she has sex with a man she is not married to
guest of honour at guest1(1), ⇒ maid of honour

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II. honour2 British English, honor American English verb [transitive]

1. be/feel honoured (to do something) to feel very proud and pleased:
I felt very honoured to be included in the team.

2. formal to show publicly that someone is respected and admired, especially by praising them or giving them a special title
honour somebody with something
He was honored with an award for excellence in teaching.
honour somebody for something
Two firefighters have been honoured for their courage.

3. honour a promise/contract/agreement etc to do what you have agreed to do:
Once again, the government has failed to honour its promises.
We pray that both sides will continue to honour their commitment to the peace agreement.

4. to treat someone with special respect:
In a marriage, you need to honour one another.
I was treated like an honored guest.

5. honour a cheque if your bank honours a cheque that you have given someone, it pays the money to that person

6. somebody has decided to honour us with their presence used humorously when someone arrives late, or to someone who rarely comes to a meeting, class etc

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I. sth that makes you feel proud
ADJ. great, rare, signal, special, tremendous | doubtful, dubious Max was given the dubious honour of organizing the children's party.
VERB + HONOUR have I had the rare honour of being allowed into the artist's studio.
do sb (formal), give sb Will you do me the honour of dining with me?
share He shared the honour of being the season's top scorer with Andy Cole.

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II. great respect
PREP. in sb's ~ They organized a party in his honour.
PHRASES a guard of honour The princess's coffin was accompanied by a guard of honour.
(the) guest of honour The president was guest of honour at the society's banquet.
a lap of honour The crowd cheered while the athletes ran their lap of honour.
a mark of honour They stood in silence as a mark of honour to the drowned sailors.
the place/seat of honour, a roll of honour The school's roll of honour lists everyone killed in the war.

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III. good reputation
ADJ. family, national, personal, professional He was now satisfied that the family honour had been restored.
VERB + HONOUR defend, fight for, save, uphold She felt she had to defend the honour of her profession.
restore | do, bring This biography does great honour to the poet's achievements. She brought honour to her country as an Olympic medal-winner.
HONOUR + VERB be satisfied In the return match the home team won 3?0 and honour was satisfied.
be at stake National honour is at stake in this match between France and England.
PREP. on your ~ (old-fashioned) I swear on my honour (= very seriously) that I knew nothing about this.
with ~ The prime minister sought an agreement that would bring peace with honour.
without ~ a man without honour
PHRASES be/feel (in) honour bound (to … ) He felt honour bound to help her.
a code of honour Knights in the Middle Ages had a strong code of honour.
a man of honour, a matter/point of honour It is a matter of professional honour to keep our standards as high as possible.
a sense of honour, sb's word of honour I give you my word of honour I will not forget what I owe you.

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IV. award/official title, etc.
ADJ. full ~s, highest, major, top the stars who took top honours at the MTV Awards
academic, battle, civilian, military, political, royal
VERB + HONOUR award (sb), bestow, confer, give sb The Order of Merit is the highest civilian honour that can be conferred on someone.
accept, pick up, receive, scoop, take, win She has confirmed that she will accept the honour of a peerage. It was the British who scooped the honours at last night's Oscars.
HONOUR + NOUN list, system He was made a life peer in the New Year's honours list.
PHRASES with full military honours He was burie

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V. honours: type of degree course
ADJ. combined, joint
VERB + HONOUR do, take (formal) All students taking honours in Greek may also study Modern Greek.
HONOUR + NOUN course, degree He's in the third year of his honours course.
graduate, student
PREP. ~ in joint honours in mathematics and statistics

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VI. honours: high mark in a degree course
ADJ. first-class, second-class, third-class
HONOUR + NOUN degree | graduate
PREP. with ~ She passed with second class honours.

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a great honour
It was a great honour to meet my hero in person.
a rare honour (=a very special honour that is not given to many people)
Being asked to paint a portrait for the queen is a rare honour for any artist.
a dubious honour (=something that you are not sure that you should be proud of)
The city has the dubious honor of being the smoggiest city in the world.
a signal honour formal (=a great honour)
He received the signal honour of becoming an Honorary Fellow of the college.
have the honour formal
As a young man, he had the honour of meeting Winston Churchill.
do somebody the honour formal (=used when saying that you feel proud that someone has decided to do something )
Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?
bring honour to somebody/something (=make people respect someone or something)
The bravery of these men has brought honour to their regiment.
defend somebody's/something's honour (=do something to protect it when it is being attacked)
To defend his honour and his business interests, he was prepared to go to court.
save the honour of somebody/something (=stop it being lost)
Her father fought with him to save her honour.
uphold the honour of somebody/something (=defend it)
She felt duty bound to uphold the honour of her country.
restore the honour of somebody/something (=make it return to its former state)
He would be forced to restore the honour of his family name.
national honour
For him this is a matter of both personal and national honour.
family honour
Refusal of a marriage offer is seen as an attack on the family honour.
somebody's/something's honour is at stake (=someone may lose their honour)
French people believed that the country's honour was at stake over the incident.
a man of honour
I know Tom to be a man of honour and integrity.
a matter/point/question of honour (=something you feel you must do because of your moral beliefs)
To my mum, paying bills on time is a point of honour.
a code of honour (=a set of moral rules, laws, or principles that people follow)
We abide by a strict military code of honor.
a sense of honour
Is he marrying her out of some misplaced sense of honour?
somebody's word of honour (=a promise based on strong moral beliefs)
I give you my word of honour that you will not be harmed.
be/feel honour bound to do something (=feel that you should do something, because it is morally right or your duty to do it)
My father felt honour bound to help his sister.

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