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hope /həʊp $ hoʊp/ verb [intransitive and transitive]
hope noun

امیدواری چشم داشت ، چشم انتظاری ، انتظار داشتن ، ارزو داشتن ، امیدواربودن ، روانشناسی: امید
- desire, aspire, cross one's fingers, long, look forward to, set one's heart on
- desire, ambition, assumption, dream, expectation, longing

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I. Hope, Anthony
(1863–1933) a British writer known especially for his adventure novel The Prisoner of Zenda

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II. Hope, Bob
(1903–2003) a US actor and comedian, born in the UK, who appeared in many humorous films such as Road to Singapore (1940) and The Paleface (1948). He was known for his special style of humour, which was based on one-liners (=very short, clever jokes), and for entertaining soldiers during wartime.

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I. hope1 S1 W1 /həʊp $ hoʊp/ verb [intransitive and transitive]
[Word Family: noun: hope, hopefulnesshopelessness, hopeful; verb: hope; adverb: hopefullyhopelessly; adjective: hopefulhopeless]
[Language: Old English; Origin: hopian]

1. to want something to happen or be true and to believe that it is possible or likely
hope (that)
We hope that more women will decide to join the course.
I do hope everything goes well.
It was hoped that the job would be filled by a local person.
Let’s just hope someone finds her bag.
I hope to God I haven’t left the car window open.
hope to do something
Joan’s hoping to study law at Harvard.
hope for
We were hoping for good weather.
Liam decided to ignore the warning and just hope for the best (=hope that a situation will end well when there is a risk of things going wrong).
I rang my parents, hoping against hope (=hoping for something that is very unlikely to happen or be true) that they hadn’t left yet.
Do not say that you ‘hope something would happen’. Say that you hope something will happen: I hope the weather will be nice (NOT I hope the weather would be nice).

2. I hope so spoken used to say that you hope something that has been mentioned happens or is true:
‘Do we get paid this week?’ ‘I certainly hope so!’

3. I hope not spoken used to say that you hope something that has been mentioned does not happen or is not true:
I don’t think I’m busy that day, or at least I hope not.

4. I’m hoping spoken used to say that you hope something will happen, especially because you are depending on it
I’m hoping (that)
I’m hoping the car will be fixed by Friday.
I’m hoping to do something
We were hoping to see you today.

5. I hope (that) spoken used when you want to be polite and to make sure that you are not interrupting or offending someone:
I hope I’m not interrupting you.
I hope you don’t mind me asking, but why are you moving?

6. I should hope so (too) (also I should hope not British English) spoken used to say that you feel very strongly that something should or should not happen:
‘They’ll get their money back.’ ‘I should hope so too, after being treated like that.’

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II. hope2 S2 W2 noun
[Word Family: noun: hope, hopefulnesshopelessness, hopeful; verb: hope; adverb: hopefullyhopelessly; adjective: hopefulhopeless]

1. FEELING [uncountable and countable] a feeling of wanting something to happen or be true and believing that it is possible or likely:
When I first arrived in New York, I was full of hope for the future.
the hope that
The President has expressed the hope that relations will improve.
hopes for something
hopes for an end to the fighting
hopes of doing something
Rita has hopes of studying to be a nurse.
in the hope that
Should they hang on in the hope that the shares will go up in value?
in the hope of doing something (=because you hope that you will do something)
Shoppers flocked to the sales in the hope of finding a bargain.

2. SOMETHING YOU HOPE FOR [countable] something that you hope will happen:
She told him all her secret hopes and fears.
sb’s hope is that
My hope is that by next summer I’ll have saved enough money to go travelling.

3. CHANCE [uncountable and countable] a chance of succeeding or of something good happening
hope of
It was the rush hour, and there was no hope of getting a seat.
It was a desperate plan, with little hope of success.
hope (that)
There’s still a faint hope (=a very small chance) that the two sides will reach an agreement.
not a hope! spoken (=used to say that there is no chance of something happening)
not a hope in hell (of doing something) spoken (=not even the smallest chance of success)
They don’t have a hope in hell of winning.
some hope! (also what a hope! )British English spoken (=used humorously to say that there is no chance that something will happen)
‘Your dad might lend you the car.’ ‘Some hope!’

4. be sb’s last/only/best hope to be someone’s last, only etc chance of getting the result they want:
Please help me. You’re my last hope.
be sb’s last/only/best hope of
Joshua’s only hope of survival was a heart transplant.

5. be beyond hope if a situation is beyond hope, it is so bad that there is no chance of any improvement
be beyond hope of
Some of the houses were beyond hope of repair.

6. have high/great hopes for somebody/something to be confident that someone or something will be succesful:
The weather looked good, so we had high hopes for today.

7. I/we live in hope spoken used when saying that you keep hoping that something will happen - often used humorously when saying that it seems unlikely:
"Do you think your son will ever get a job?" "We live in hope!"

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I. belief that sth you want will happen
ADJ. considerable, fervent, great a feeling of considerable hope It is my fervent hope that you will be able to take this project forward.
high (only used with hopes) Hopes are high that a resolution to the conflict can be found.
best, main Privatization seems to offer the best hope for the industry.
faint, frail, slight, vague There was still a faint hope that they would accept the offer.
real, sincere without any real hope of success It is my sincere hope that she will find happiness at last.
realistic, reasonable | desperate, wild | false, forlorn, vain He wasn't trying to give her false hope. It seemed a forlorn hope that we would find a taxi.
early His early hopes of freedom were now gone.
last, only He had one last hope to cling to.
fresh, renewed the treatment gave him renewed hope
sudden Her dark eyes lit with sudden hope.
lingering, remaining These figures kill off any lingering hopes of an early economic recovery.
QUANT. flicker, glimmer, ray, spark I looked at her and felt a glimmer of hope.
VERB + HOPE be full of, cherish, entertain, have, see Lord Mountbatten secretly cherished hopes that Charles would marry his granddaughter. Political leaders do now entertain the hope that a settlement can be found. She saw little hope of meeting the targets.
express, voice The Mexican president expressed hope for cooperation on trade.
share | pin He pinned all his hopes on getting that job.
cling to, keep alive, live in keeping alive the hope that a peace settlement might be found I haven't yet found a flat, but I live in hope.
not hold out I don't hold out much hope of finding a buyer.
abandon, give up, lose I didn't give up hope of being released.
arouse, bring sb, give sb, offer (sb), raise The use of fish oil to treat cancer has brought fresh hope to millions of sufferers. This announcement has raised hopes that the crisis may be coming to an end.
boost The latest job figures have boosted hopes for the economy.
jeopardize | dash, destroy, kill (off), shatter, wreck Her hopes of going to university have now been dashed.
HOPE + VERB lie, rest Her only hope lay in escape. Their main hopes rest on their new striker.
grow, rise Hopes of a peaceful end to the strike are now growing.
flare (up), spring (up), surge Hope flared up inside her.
disappear, fade Hope faded after wrecked remains of the ship were washed onto the shore.
PREP. beyond ~ damaged beyond hope of repair
in ~ of, in the ~ that I am writing to you in the hope that you can help me obtain some information.
without ~ She felt weak and without hope.
~ for young people who are full of hope for the future
~ of I have no hope of winning.
PHRASES every/little/no/some hope of sth We have every hope of completing the project this year. There is little hope that they will be found alive.
grounds/reason for hope We now have good grounds for hope.
(not) a hope in hell You haven't got a hope in hell of finding a job.
a sign/symbol of hope

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II. sth you wish for
ADJ. high ~s They have high hopes for their children.
future | distant Peace is a distant hope in this war-torn region.
personal | disappointed, unfulfilled a bitter tale of disappointed hopes
championship, medal, Olympic, etc. the team's championship hopes
PREP. ~ for, ~ of
PHRASES your hopes and dreams/expectations/fears She told me all her hopes and dreams.

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III. sb/sth that will help you get what you want
ADJ. bright | last, only He turned to her in despair and said, ‘You're my last hope.’
PREP. ~ for She is Britain's brightest hope for a medal.
~ of The operation was Kelly's only hope of survival.

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ADV. desperately, fervently, really, sincerely, very much hoping desperately that their missing son would come home I sincerely hope that you will be successful.
VERB + HOPE (not) dare (to) I scarcely dared hope the plan would succeed.
begin to | continue to
PREP. for We are hoping for good weather.
PHRASES hope against hope (= to continue to hope for sth even though it is very unlikely), hope for the best (= to hope that sth will happen successfully, especially where it seems likely that it will not)

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have hope
The situation looked bad, but we still had hope that things would get better soon.
give/offer hope
The research has given hope to thousands of sufferers of the disease.
lose/give up/abandon hope (=stop hoping)
After so long without any word from David, Margaret was starting to lose hope.
raise sb’s hopes (also get/build somebody's hopes up) (=make someone feel that what they want is likely to happen)
I don't want to raise your hopes too much.
Don’t build your hopes up, Julie. You’ll only get hurt.
hold out hope (=say that you think something is likely)
Negotiators did not hold out much hope of a peaceful solution.
pin your hopes on something (=hope for one thing that everything else depends on)
After a difficult year, the company is pinning its hopes on its new range of products.
cling to the hope that (=keep hoping that something will happen, even though it seems unlikely)
They clung to the hope that one day a cure would be found.
dash/shatter sb’s hopes (=make what someone wants seem impossible)
The ending of the talks has dashed any hopes of peace.
hopes are fading (=people have much less hope of doing something)
Hopes are fading that rescuers will find any more survivors.
hope lies in/with something (=something gives people hope)
Our real hope lies with a vaccine.
be full of hope
His voice sounded full of hope.
a glimmer/ray of hope (=a little hope, or something that gives you a little hope)
The new treatment gives patients a glimmer of hope.
sb’s hopes and dreams (=all the things someone hopes for)
We talked about all our hopes and dreams for the future.
sb’s hopes and fears (=all the things someone hopes for and is afraid of)
The crew members have different hopes and fears about the trip.
it is our fervent hope that formal (=used when saying that you hope very much that something will or will not happen)
It is our fervent hope that change is coming.
hope springs eternal (=used to say that people will always hope for something)
It is unlikely these diets will work, but hope springs eternal.
a symbol/beacon of hope (=something that makes people have hope)
Mandela was a symbol of hope for his whole country.
false hope
We don't want to give people false hopes.
a vain/forlorn hope (=hope for something that is impossible)
He traveled south in the vain hope of finding work.
somebody's only/one hope
My only hope is that someone may have handed in the keys to the police.

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BAD: I hope that one day things would change.
GOOD: I hope that one day things will change.
BAD: I hope that you would think seriously about this matter.
GOOD: I hope that you will think seriously about this matter.

Usage Note:
You hope that someone will do something or that something will happen (NOT would ): 'I hope that you won't be offended if I don't come.

BAD: I hope you to have a good time at the party.
GOOD: I hope you have a good time at the party.

Usage Note:
When there is a change of subject after hope , use hope + that clause (NOT hope + to-v ): 'She hopes (that) you'll come again.' 'We hope (that) your parents enjoyed their stay.'
When there is no change of subject, use hope + to-v (or hope + that clause): 'She hopes to come again.' (= she hopes that she will come again) 'They hope to visit the Istana.' (=they hope (that) they will visit the Istana)

BAD: I deeply hope that there will never be another war.
GOOD: I sincerely hope that there will never be another war.

Usage Note:
sincerely hope (NOT deeply ): 'I sincerely hope that you will understand why we cannot come after all.'

BAD: Are you still unhappy? I don't hope so.
GOOD: Are you still unhappy? I hope not.

Usage Note:
When you wish that something previously mentioned is not true, use I hope not : 'Do you have to have another medical examination?' 'I hope not.'

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See: cross one's heart or cross one's heart and hope to die , in hopes

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