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ˌFrench ˈhorn (also horn) noun [countable]
horn /hɔːn $ hɔːrn/ noun

شاخک مین ارتعاشی ، شاخ ، بوق ، کرنا ، شیپور ، پیاله ، نوک ، ورزش: قاچ زین اسب ، علوم نظامی: شاخک مجاورتی مین
Horn, the
see Cape Horn

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I. ˌFrench ˈhorn (also horn especially British English) noun [countable]
a musical instrument made of brass, that is curved round into a circle with a wide opening at one end

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II. horn1 /hɔːn $ hɔːrn/ noun
[Language: Old English]

a) [countable] the hard pointed thing that grows, usually in pairs, on the heads of animals such as cows and goats ⇒ antlers
b) [uncountable] the substance that animals’ horns are made of:
a knife with a horn handle
c) [countable] a part of an animal’s head that sticks out like a horn, for example on a snail

2. ON A CAR [countable] the thing in a vehicle that you use to make a loud sound as a signal or warning
sound/toot/honk/blow your horn (=make a noise with your horn)

a) a musical instrument like a long metal tube that is wide at one end, that you play by blowing
b) informal a trumpet
c) a French horn
d) a musical instrument made from an animal’s horn ⇒ English horn

4. drinking horn/powder horn etc a container in the shape of an animal’s horn, used in the past for drinking from, carrying gunpowder etc

5. draw/pull in your horns to reduce the amount of money you spend

6. be on the horns of a dilemma to be in a situation in which you have to choose between two equally unpleasant or difficult situations
blow your own trumpet/horn at blow1(21), ⇒ lock horns at lock1(6), ⇒ take the bull by the horns at bull1(3)

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III. horn2 verb
horn in phrasal verb American English informal
to interrupt or try to take part in something when you are not wanted Synonym : butt in
horn in on
Don’t try and horn in on our fun.

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I. part of an animal
ADJ. buffalo, bull's, cow's, rhino, etc. ornaments made of rhino horn
curled, curved a large bull with curved horns

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II. warning device on a vehicle
ADJ. car
VERB + HORN blow, honk, sound, toot Passing motorists honked their horns.
HORN + VERB beep, blare, hoot, sound Another horn blared behind me.
HORN + NOUN blast Impatient horn blasts began to sound behind him.
PREP. on a/the ~ He gave a furious blast on his horn.

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III. musical instrument
VERB + HORN blow
HORN + NOUN section
 ⇒ Special page at MUSIC

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