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horse /hɔːs $ hɔːrs/ noun

اسب مسابقه ، اسب اصیل 5 ساله یا بیشتر اوردن ماهی به خشکی بزور ، سوار اسبی سوار شوید (فرمان سوار نظام) ، (adj&n.) اسب ، (درشطرنج) اسب ، سواره نظام ، اسبی ، وابسته به اسب ، قوه اسب ، (درماشین بخار وغیره) ، (vt.&vi) اسب دار کردن ، سوار اسب کردن ، اسب دادن به ، بالابردن ، برپشت سوار کردن ، شلاق زدن ، بدوش کشیدن ، غیرمنصفانه ، ورزش: خرک حلقه ، علوم نظامی: سوار اسبی سوار شوید
Synonyms: nag, colt, filly, gee-gee (slang), mare, mount, stallion, steed (archaic or literary)

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I. horse1 S1 W1 /hɔːs $ hɔːrs/ noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: hors]

1. [countable] a large strong animal that people ride and use for pulling heavy things ⇒ pony, equine, equestrian:
a horse and cart
Lee had never ridden a horse before.

2. the horses British English informal horse races:
Jim likes a bet on the horses.

3. [countable] a piece of sports equipment in a gymnasium that people jump over

4. (straight/right) from the horse’s mouth if you hear or get information straight from the horse’s mouth, you are told it by someone who has direct knowledge of it

5. horses for courses British English the process of matching people with suitable jobs or activities

6. a two/three/four etc horse race a competition or an election that only two etc competitors can win

7. a horse of a different color (also a horse of another color American English) something that is completely different from another thing

8. horse sense old-fashioned sensible judgment gained from experience Synonym : common sense

9. [uncountable] old-fashioned informal heroin
dark horse, ⇒ never/don’t look a gift horse in the mouth at gift(7), ⇒ be flogging a dead horse at flog(3), ⇒ hold your horses at hold1(15), ⇒ put the cart before the horse at cart1(4), ⇒ stalking horse, white horses

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II. horse2 verb
horse around/about phrasal verb
informal to play roughly ⇒ horseplay:
Stop horsing around – you’ll break something!

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ADJ. beautiful, fine, good, lovely, magnificent He was mounted on the finest horse you could ever see.
bay, black, chestnut, grey, piebald, roan, skewbald | thoroughbred | feral, wild | unbroken | highly-strung, nervous, restless, skittish | frightened, startled, terrified | placid | fancied The race organizers became suspicious when the two most fancied horses finished last.
loose, riderless, runaway Three horses fell when a loose horse ran across the track.
fresh They would need fresh horses if they were to reach the border the next day.
lame | heavy, shire The brewery had 25 heavy horses delivering beer in London.
riding, saddle | carriage, cart (also carthorse), draught, dray | pack | cavalry, police | race (also racehorse) | pantomime He got a part as the rear end of a pantomime horse.
VERB + HORSE breed | get ready Get my horse ready and wait for me.
saddle | be mounted on, mount | ride | lead | brush down, groom | shoe | stable | handle She has a knack for handling horses.
ill-treat | frighten | hobble, tether | nobble He was jailed for 15 years for nobbling a horse that had been going to run in the Derby.
HORSE + VERB canter, gallop, trot, walk Several horses trotted past us.
prance | run There are ten horses running in the next race.
plod The weary horse plodded up the hill.
neigh, snort, whinny | bolt | rear (up), shy | plunge The cart overturned, the horse plunging and rearing in its traces. | fall, slip, stumble The horse stumbled and threw its rider.
throw sb | jump | pull sth They passed an old horse pulling a cart full of apples.
prick up its ears | graze
HORSE + NOUN box The car in front was pulling a horse box.
breeder, dealer, lover, owner, rider, trainer | droppings, dung, manure, shit (taboo)
fair Hundreds of horses are bought and sold at the annual horse fair.
race | racing, riding | show, trials He won second prize in a horse show.
trough The horse trough was full of stagnant water. | whip | trading (also horse-trading) (figurative) political horse-trading
PREP. on a/the ~
PHRASES a horse and carriage/cart, horse-drawn horse-drawn vehicles

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