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hound /haʊnd/ noun [countable]

تازی (شکار) ، سگ شکاری ، سگ تازی ، ادم منفور ، باتازی شکار کردن ، تعقیب کردن ، پاپی شدن ، ورزش: تازی
Synonyms: harass, badger, goad, harry, impel, persecute, pester, provoke

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I. hound1 /haʊnd/ noun [countable]
[Language: Old English; Origin: hund]

1. a dog that is fast and has a good sense of smell, used for hunting

2. informal a dog

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II. hound2 verb [transitive]

1. to keep following someone and asking them questions in an annoying or threatening way ⇒ harass:
After the court case, Lee was hounded relentlessly by the press.

2. hound somebody out (of/from something) to make things so unpleasant for someone that they are forced to leave a place, job etc Synonym : drive out:
The family were hounded out of their home by 18 months of abuse.

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ADJ. hunting
QUANT. pack
HOUND + VERB bark, bay We could hear the hounds barking at the fox.
pick up the scent The hounds picked up the scent of the fox.
chase sth, follow sth, pursue sth In drag hunting, hounds chase an artificial scent.
PHRASES ride to hounds Days off were spent riding to hounds (= hunting).

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See: rock hound , run with the hare and hunt (ride) wfth the hounds

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