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humorous /ˈhjuːmərəs $ ˈhjuː-, ˈjuː-/ adjective

فکاهی ، شوخی امیز ، خوش مزه ، خنده اور
Synonyms: funny, amusing, comic, comical, droll, entertaining, jocular, playful, waggish, witty
English Thesaurus: funny, amusing, humorous, witty, hilarious, ...

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humorous /ˈhjuːmərəs $ ˈhjuː-, ˈjuː-/ adjective
funny and enjoyable:
humorous stories
The film has some mildly humorous moments.
—humorously adverb

In everyday English, people usually say something is funny rather than humorous:
He told lots of funny stories.

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VERBS be, look, sound | become | find sth
ADV. extremely, very | mildly, quite, slightly She has written her description of him in a mildly humorous vein.
delightfully The film is delightfullly humorous in the best traditions of romantic comedy.

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