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hurtful /ˈhɜːtfəl $ ˈhɜːrt-/ adjective

پر ازار ، مضر
Synonyms: unkind, cruel, cutting, damaging, destructive, malicious, nasty, spiteful, upsetting, wounding
Contrasted words: harmless, innocuous
English Thesaurus: unkind, mean, nasty, hurtful, spiteful, ...

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hurtful /ˈhɜːtfəl $ ˈhɜːrt-/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: hurt, hurtfulness; adjective: hurtunhurt, hurtful; verb: hurt; adverb: hurtfully]
making you feel very upset or offended Synonym : unkind
hurtful remark/comment etc
—hurtfully adverb
—hurtfulness noun [uncountable]

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VERBS be | find sth I found some of his comments rather hurtful.
ADV. deeply, very She made some very hurtful remarks.
a bit, rather
PREP. to What he said was deeply hurtful to me.

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